Short Hair Color

Original Hair Colors for Short Haircuts

If you want to get a new hair color and surprise the viewers, the hair color samples on our page may be a great guide for you. Different hair colors can make wonders if you update your look, the right hair color will flatter your face and color of your eyes.

1. Short Hair with Balayage Ash Blonde

Look at those shades! Don’t you think that this asymmetrical short hair with an ashy¬†coloring at longer side looks fabulous and unique?

Short Hair Colors

2. Purple Highlights In Blonde Hair

Dip-dyed hair coloring is a good idea to create the ombre look, the light purple coloring looks really gorgeous on this wavy bob haircut.

Short Hair Color Ideas

3. Asymmetrical Bangs

Here is a red asymmetrical bob hair idea with asymmetrical full bangs that flatter her facial features.

Best Short Hair Colors

4. Cute Blonde

Ashy blonde hair color is the best if you have blue eyes and medium skin tone like her:

Short Haircut Colors

5. Creamy Blonde Hair

Short Hairstyle Colors

6. Layered Cut Blonde Hair

Short Hair Colors-6

7. Asymmetrical Short Wavy Red Hair

Short Hair Colors-7

8. Pink and Purple Pastel Short Hair

Short Hair Colors-8

9. Rose Pink

Short Hair Colors-9

10. Asymmetrical Haircut

Short Hair Colors-10

11. Short Colored Hairstyle

Short Hair Colors-11

12. Cute Hairstyle

Short Hair Colors-12

13. Colored Finger Waves on Black Hair

Short Hair Colors-13

14. Pixie Cut

Short Hair Colors-14

15. Short Haircut Ash Blonde

Short Hair Colors-15

16. Grey Pixie

Short Hair Colors-16

17. Natural Curly Short Hair

Short Hair Colors-17

18. Short Blue Ombre Hair

Short Hair Colors-18

19. Arctic Fox Hair

Short Hair Colors-19

20. Blonde Pixie

Short Hair Colors-20


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