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25 Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

We have plenty of articles and blogs on the short hairstyles, which vary from curly hairs, pixie cut, bob cut, medium short hairstyle, redhead, chic look and other styles. However, the importance of covering Short platinum blonde hair is important. When you say platinum, it represents not only platinum in its purest form. The color has many shades and shines to it. One of the most common platinum blonde colors is the snow white. However, not many people have this beautiful color. Then comes greyish platinum. Generally, you see it in elderly people. After that smooth platinum or the dull platinum that gives warm color to your hirs that looks pleasing to the eye in many ways. The last one is the shiny shade that is fluorescent in nature. The color can bring you freshness if you have darker hair and semi darker hair. The platinum blonde short hair is something many people want and do not want. Irrespective of the need, we are posting this article that lists many beautiful haircuts or hairstyles for your short platinum hair. The blonde does not only mean platinum or reddish brown or similar kind of hair. It also includes the color in the spectrum with shades to it. Short Platinum Blonde Hair is not conventional or normal look for many people. This color is more apt for white skin than a dark or brownish color. However, if you want to put on this look even though you have dark skin, you still can do it. With shades, makeup and clothing you can mask the effects of platinum on dark skin. This article includes all the images with fair skin just to show that the white skin to slightly brown skinned women can easily consider this hairstyle for different activities, events or even for daily life.

1-Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Short Platinum Blonde Hairtyle, Bob Hair Short Bobs

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2-Pixie Style

Pixie Style, Short Pixie Blonde Hair

3-Layered Asymmetrical Cut

Layered Asymmetrical Cut, Pixie Hair Blonde Short

4-Icy Bob Hair

Icy Bob Hair, Blonde Bob Short Platinum

5-Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde, Hair Bob Blonde Platinum

6- Layered Short Platinum Blonde

Pixie Short Blonde Hair

7- Straight Platinum

Platinum Blonde Choppy Bob

8- Tiny Top Bun Blonde

Blonde Bob Short Bun

9- Bob Simple Platinum Cut

Short Hair Shaggy Bob

10- Animated Short Blonde

Hair White Short Color

11- Cute Pixie

Pixie Voluminous Blonde Cute

12- Swift Pull Back Blonde

Short Blonde Platinum Hairtyles

13- Shiny Retro Blonde

Blonde Platinum Hair Bangs

14- Pixie Platinum

Hair Short Bob Makeup

15- Gil Next Door

Hair Shaggy Short 2018

16- Smooth Platinum

Hair Blonde Short Bob

17- Elongated Short Blonde

Hair Blonde Platinum Short

18- Straight and Wavy Blonde

Blonde Color Hair Short

19- Side Trim Platinum

Pixie Short Blonde Hair

20- Layered Platinum

Hair Blonde Color Lawrence

21- End Platinum Curl

Stone Lob Emma Bob

22- Twist Back Pixie

Hair Short Pixie Blonde

23- Messy Blonde

Blonde Shaggy Choppy Balayage

24- Snow White

Blonde Choppy Bob Platinum

25- Winter Platinum Look

Blonde Hair Platinum Color


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