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28 Balayage Short Hair

Making Balayage on some short hair can seem to be tricky. Contrasting with a long hair, the position of the precision and highlights becomes very vital. However, if done properly, there are some short styles that could hit the balayage outlook. Here, we will list some trendy Balayage Short Hair options. But before we do that, we will like you to know how you can even get this appearance at your home without visiting any salon. If you want a balayage hairstyle, you will have to get a balayage kit, a toothbrush, clips for dividing, gloves, an old cloth (shirt), a comb, shampoo, and conditioner. When you have got these materials, use the comb to comb your hair so that there won’t be any tangles. Make sure your hair has not been washed in some days. Wear the old shirt and glove so that you won’t get stained. Follow the guides on your balayage kit by mixing the lightener and the developer together. If your hair is bobbed or lobbed, use the clip to hold away the crown part of your hair and begin your work with the lower layers. Use the toothbrush and start applying highlights on your hair. Make sure it is heavier at the angles. Create a swept on as you brush the spaced part of your hair with the lightening mixture. You should start from the mid-lengths. When you are done, leave your hair according to the time given on the kit guide. Shampoo and also condition your hair. You can now use our list to style your hair to any balayage style you want. The first is the wavy balayage. It is very stylish and will upgrade your look. Messy balayage hair is also trendy and you will never get tired of this stylish look. There are many options to choose from, so explore our list and try one of them.

1-Balayage Short Hair

Balayage Short Hair, Balayage Hair Hairtyles Color

2-Brown to Blonde Ombre

Brown to Blonde Ombre, Blonde Balayage Hair Bob

3-Balayage Bangs

Balayage Bangs, Bob Blonde Balayage Choppy

4-Cool Hair Color

Cool Hair Color, Hair Color Balayage Hairtyles

5-Dark Brown with Balayage

Dark Brown with Balayage, Balayage Brown Hair 20

6-Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Balayage Bob Hair Brown

7-Fall Hair Trend

Bob Hairtyles Hair Short

8-Cute Brunette Style

Balayage Hair Brunette Up

9-Thick Balayage Hair

Balayage Bob Layered Bobs

10-Festive Look

Hair Curls Hairtyles Hard

11-Blonde Hair Trend

Blonde Balayage Bob Red

12-Cute Haircut

Hair Color Balayage Makeup

13-Ombre Short Hair

Balayage Hair Brunette Ombre

14-Balayage Hair

Balayage Blonde Hair Dark

15-Brown and Blonde Mixture

Balayage Choppy Brown Bob

16-Balayage Blonde Hair

Balayage Hair Blonde Bronde

17-Layered Brown Hair

Brown Hair Balayage Highlights

18-Short Hairstyle

Choppy Balayage Bob Blonde

19-Jaw Length Hair

Balayage Blonde Shaggy Ash

20-Wavy Medium Hair

Balayage Hair Brown Bronde

21-Hairstyle with Volume

Hairtyles Hair Balayage Shaggy

22-Wavy Hair

Balayage Hair Lob Bronde

23-Choppy Hair

Balayage Bob Layered Brown

24-Wavy Hair

Balayage Wavy Highlights Lob

25-Angled Balayage Bob

Balayage Hair Caramel Highlights

26-Stylish Look

27-Angled Bob

28-Wavy Balayage Hair


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