Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

12 Very Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round faces may not so much applaud as a longer shaped face owner gets. Because in this trend- fascinated world, everyone is trying their heart out to look as lean as possible. Some women became so obsessed with the idea that they are going under the scissors of the surgeons to achieve perfect bone structure.

However, if you’re a round face lady, you’ll be happy to know that according to the Trends in Cognitive Sciences journal, people with round face are likely to be more trustworthy than others. Hey, we aren’t inciting you to take advantage of this fact though! 😉

Back to the topic – unlike square, rectangular, diamond, heart or oval shape faces, you can’t go with any of the style when it comes to having a new haircut. There are certain styles reserved for trying on round faces. And if you are having short hair, you get a more constrained are to choose from.

So, before you hit the street and we, the subconsciously face-ist people, start judging you seeing only your appearance, yes, that’s the deal, you have to select the most suitable one. So, here are short hairstyles for round faces to make you look astounding a snap!

1- Very Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Very Short Hairtyles for Round Faces, Short Pixie Very Women

The uplifted hair at the front of your face is the best thing about this style. It simply improves your overall appearance making you look more gorgeous. this charming is quick to achieve and effortless when it comes to nurturing. In fine, a real time saver while ensuring your features to be more visible and super sassy!

2- Celebrity Hairstyle

Celebrity Hairtyle, Women Short Face Black

What you can’t disagree with is – this upscale hairstyle has, by all means, boosted the visual appeal of this magnificent black lady. Not fully black, this brown thin hair would suit no other haircut better than this. The hair touching the scalp in some of the areas are another highlight of this tender haircut.

3- Pink Pixie Cut for Round Faces

Pixie Cut for Round Faces, Short Faces Round Pixie

It’s undeniably obvious that having this pink pixie cut, you can’t pass a room without making your surroundings, especially the people there, somewhat moving. More precisely, you deserve turning heads with sweet smiles on the beholders’ face.

4- Very Short Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Very Short Hairtyle for Women Over 60, Short Women 60 Over

After 60, it’s easy to lead a life where hardly any touch of trend reaches. But since we never get old by heart, why not try this short hairstyle! With its intentional messy attribute, this gray look is sure to balance the freshness of your inner and outer selves.

5- Cute Hairstyle

Cute Hairtyle, Pixie Short Face Round

Looking cute with short hair becomes a walk in the park on any round face. The asymmetrically cut hairs at the front and side help you tame your thick mane. Best of all, even after a busy working day, you can keep up the same cute look without confronting any hassle.

6- Short Haircut For Curly Hair 2018

Short Hairtyles Plus Faces

7- Ginnifer Goodwin

Pixie Short Faces Round

8- Very Short Pixie Cut

Pixie Short Very Hair

9- Cute Look for Round Faces

Short Rachel Faces Round

10- Flattering Boyish Pixie Haircut

Short Very Pixie Faces

11- Stylish Short Layered Hair Ideas for Women

Pixie Short Face Round

12- Super Short Blonde for Older Women

Short Women Pixie Haircuts


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