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2018 Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Women are different and their face shapes differ from each other. Before choosing a short haircut each woman should take into account her face shape, so that the hairstyle will suit her perfectly. Though short hairstyles are very beautiful, not all of them can be good for a round face. Here we have gathered Best Short Haircuts for Round Faces that will inspire you from the first look. Exploring our list you can’t deny yourself the pleasure to try them. Short haircuts are sassy and can easily transform your look. So, if your face is round it doesn’t mean you should avoid short hair. Usually, women with round faces have very beautiful features and if they choose the right short hairstyle, then they will be able to enhance their beauty. One of the most popular short cuts for round faces is pixie. Both young and old women opt for pixie and style them in different ways. You can even add some highlights on the top of your pixie hair and become more modern. If you love bold looks, then pink hues will just make you stand out everywhere. If styled properly, pixie haircut will show your round face a little bit oval. Another wonderful option for round faces is angled bob. Angled bob can show you taller and thinner. Short hair should cover your ears, so that your face will appear thinner. When your bangs are styled asymmetrically to one side, then you will have a beautiful look and a very edgy style. Curly bobs can be very girly option for you as well. Moreover, when you make your roots dark and edges blonde, then your femininity will be enhanced and with an asymmetrical inverted cut you will become very attractive. You will also stop worrying about your plump cheeks when you try A-Line Bob with Arched Bangs. We also recommend you to cut some layers that will be very impressive. This is one of the most popular things that women with round faces try. Creating a flattering and dramatic look is no longer an issue for you as we have brought the brightest ideas for you. Explore the following cute and fun short hairstyles for round faces and try one of them based on your own preference.

1. Ingrid Nilsen Short Hair

Short Haircuts for Round Faces

2. Short Bob Haircut for Round Faces 2018

Short Haircuts for Round Faces 2018

3. Short Hair for Round Face Girl

Short Hair for Round Faces

4. Shaggy Chestnut Locks

Short Hairstyles Round Faces

5. Wavy Short Hair Cut for Round Faces

Short Hair Cuts for Round Faces

6. Short Pixie

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-6

7. Short Cut for Thin Hair

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-7

8. Bob Cut

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-8

9. Jenna Coleman

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-9

10. Pixie Cut on Round Faces

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-10

11. Cute Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-11

12. Side Bangs

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-12

13. Cute Pixie Cut for Girls

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-13

14. Curvy Model with Pixie Hair

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-14

15. Pixie Cut Blonde Highlights

Short Haircuts for Round Faces-15

As you can see it’s not right to think that short hairstyles don’t match with round shapes. If you have a round face, then never hesitate to go short using the above mentioned ideas. In reality, all bobs, pixies and graded cuts that have feathery finish feature and side swept bangs, they can perfectly suit round faces. Take one o four basic ideas and you will be able to cover fullness of your round face perfectly.


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