Short Straight Hairstyles

Very Popular Short Straight Haircuts

Straight hair is one of the most desired hair types for women, it looks great super long but there are many different short hairstyles that look great on straight hair. If you have fine or straight hair and can’t find a suitable short haircut we will show you the latest short hairstyle ideas for you!

1. Short Straight Bob Hair

Straight hair would look really nice with a slightly angled bob hairstyles, longer sides will create a modern and stylish look.

Short Straight Haircuts

2. Layered Pixie Straight Hair

If you have straight and thin hair layered longer pixie cuts would be a great idea to make your hair look textured and stylish.

Short Hair Straight

3. Short Straight Hair with Ombre Color

Ombre color and blunt haircut make this bob hairstyle would look much more full and trending.

Short Straight Hair Styles

4. Straight Short Bob Hair

Short layered bob haircuts are always good idea for women with straight hair because it will create a textured look and soft waves.

Straight Short Haircuts

5. Very Short Cut

Layered pixie styles are one of the most preferred haircuts for women, layering will add volume and style to your hair.

Short Haircut for Straight Hair

6. Short Straight Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have thick hair and round face shape side parted simple bob hairstyle would be nice choice for you.

Short Straight Haircuts-6

7. Cute Pixie

Platinum gray hair color and side parted bangs, shorter back all together create a nice look for this blue-eyed girl.

Short Straight Haircuts-7

8. Anne Hathaway Casual Short Hair

Pixie cuts are simple yet powerful that great way to emphasize your casual style even for special events.

Short Straight Haircuts-8

9. Fine Short Hair

Layering and stacked back style will create volume and texture for straight and fine hair.

Short Straight Haircuts-9

10. Brunette Pixie

Bangs are great for a new look without loosing any lenght so this is a perfect style for straight haired women with oval or long face shape.

Short Straight Haircuts-10

Here are other short hairstyle ideas:

11. Bob Cut

Short Straight Haircuts-11

12. Straight Blonde Hair

Short Straight Haircuts-12

13. Choppy Pixie

Short Straight Haircuts-13

14. Short Stacked Hairstyle

Short Straight Haircuts-14

15. Stacked Bob Cut

Short Straight Haircuts-15

16. Asian Style Pixie

Short Straight Haircuts-16

17. Nice Bob

Short Straight Haircuts-17

18. Inverted Bob

Short Straight Haircuts-18

19. Back View of A Pixie

Short Straight Haircuts-19

20. Layered Short Hair

Short Straight Haircuts-20


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