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Trendy Long Pixie Haircuts You will Like

When you think of pixie haircut, probably the first thing that comes to mind will be super short cropped haircuts. Today, short haircuts can be really unique and versatile depending on the length, styling, and layering.

1. Long Platinum Pixie Hairstyle

Long pixie hairstyles effortlessly look cool and modern, as you can see this platinum long pixie with tapered back is a perfect choice for summertime too.

Trendy Long Pixie

2. Long Dark Brown Pixie Hair

Here is a very textured dark pixie haircut idea for women with medium skin tone and think har type.

Trendy Long Pixie Hair

3. Long Curly Pixie Haircut

Rose gold hair color and tapered pixie style is a nice idea for wavy hair, it definitely emphasizes her eyes.

Trendy Pixie Haircuts

4. Layered Long Pixie Hair Idea

Here is a cute platinum pixie hairstyle idea that will look great on wavy and thick hair types, as you can see the back is shorter and it adds a modern look.

Long Pixie Hair Ideas

5. Short Side Long Pixie Cut

If you are looking for bold and eye-catching look, this long ashy blonde pixie with an undercut style may be a good example for you.

Long Pixie Cuts

Here are other long pixie haircut ideas that we choose:

6. Stylish Long Bangs Pixie

Long Pixie Hair Trend-6

7. Asymmetrical Cut

Long Pixie Hair Trend-7

8. Modern Pixie

Long Pixie Hair Trend-8

9. Cute Blonde

Long Pixie Hair Trend-9

10. Back View of Longer Pixie

Long Pixie Hair Trend-10

11. Growing Out A Pixie Hair

Long Pixie Hair Trend-11

12. Straight Fine Hair

Long Pixie Hair Trend-12

13. Long Shaggy Pixie

Long Pixie Hair Trend-13

14. Modern Inverted Pixie

Long Pixie Hair Trend-14

15. Cute Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Hair Trend-15


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