Short Hair Color

Trending Hair Color Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Hair color is as important as your haircut. Every year hair color trends emerging and we have seen many different coloring techniques recently. You may want to opt with a flashy and lively pink or purples or may want to update your style with a gorgeous ombre. You will find all the latest hair color trends in this post!

1. Ombre for Short Hair

Ombre coloring technique may be the best thing that happens to women, it is really low-maintenance and perfect for giving a good style to your hair.

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Short Hair Color Ideas

2. Pastel Purple

Pastel hair color has been in trends recently, it looks way more stylish and modern than flashy and intense hair colors like electric blue etc.

Short Hair Color

3. Highlighted Bob Hair

If you want to give some light to your hair there is two options balayage or ombre. Balayage will create more natural look if you are seeking for natural highlights in your hair.

Hair Color for Short Hair

4. Red Purple and Pink Ombre

This angled bob hairstyle remains different color shades, red and purple blend at the roots and light baby pink shade at the ends.

Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts

5. Dark Green Ombre Hair

Ombre coloring technique is not only used for highlighting hair with light hair colors. You can change up your look by adding dark green ombre to your bob without damaging your hair too much.

Color Hairstyles for Short Hair

6.  Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

If you are a black women who want to sport blonde hair color, best way to do is going with ash blonde shade and darker roots will create a modern look.

Short Hair Color Ideas-6

7.  2016 – Fall Style

Blended ombre and long bob is the latest hair trend of fall 2016 season, many celebs opt with long bobs that is long enough to style and short enough to be a bob.

Short Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Shadow Root

Shadow roots creates a nice and natural look especially for blondies, you can complete your look with loose and big waves.

Short Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Balayage on Short Hair

Hair transformation as its finest! Don’t you thick that the bob hair on the right looks much more stylish and modern?

Short Hair Color Ideas-9

10. Dark Redish Purple

Redish purple hair can be seen on young women as this hair color is both eye-catching and chic way to color your hair.

Short Hair Color Ideas-10

11. Blonde Ends

This angled and straight bob hair with bangs is colored with rose hair color and those blonde ends create a nice style and show off the haircut.

Short Hair Color Ideas-11

12. Purple Dye

Short Hair Color Ideas-12

13. Grey Hair with Dark Roots

Grey hair color with blue undertone will lead you a really modern and chic look effortlessly.

Short Hair Color Ideas-13

14. Pink Lights

This would be classy short hairstyle for formal looks if there was’t any pink light at the end of the hair.

Short Hair Color Ideas-14

15. Deep Waver Ombre

It is really important to keep your hair healthy and shiny so make sure to prevent thick and deep balayages if you want natural look.

Short Hair Color Ideas-15

16. Pastel Hair Color

Short Hair Color Ideas-16

17. Blonde and Intense

Intense transition of ombre hair color make thick and wavy hair look much more lighter and thinner, also layering will help you to style your hair much more easily.

Short Hair Color Ideas-17

18. Pastel Grey

Grey hair color remind of some millennial fashion forward style but this hair color is really popular especially among young women like her:

Short Hair Color Ideas-18

19. Grey Ombre

Grey platinum hair color, darker roots, dark lips and bold eyebrows was the best looks for make-up tutorial Instagram accounts.

Short Hair Color Ideas-19

20. Shinny Red and Blonde

Red and blonde hair color was in trends in 2000’s together, nowadays it came back with much more blended and stylish way.

Short Hair Color Ideas-20


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