Short hairstyles may make wonders to change your look but you can go a step forward. Here are the latest hair color ideas that you should check, please take a look at these gorgeous hair colors below and be inspired!

1. Light Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde hair color is a great choice as balayage or ombre hair color as you can see.

Short Colored Hair

2. Red Purple Hair Color

Rose purple hair color of this angled wavy bob hairstyle is eye-catching and stylish.

Short Hair Colors

3. Pastel Purple

Pastel hair colors are really popular and this pastel purple ombre hair looks definitely gorgeous.

Short Hair with Color

4. Highlights

Here is a pink and gray colored bob hairstyle idea for girls with a style.

Hair Color Short Hair

5. Red Lights

Red highlights on this short angled hairstyle creates a nice vibe.

Short Colored Hairstyles

6. Blue Tips

Dip dyed ombre hairstyles are very popular this way you won’t damage your hair while adding some color.

Short Colored Hair-6

7. Blue Green Pixie

This green blue pixie style looks really nice especially the hair color show off all the layers on this pixie.

Short Colored Hair-7

8. Dark Roots

Dark roots really creates a modern look on this pink and curly bob hairstyle.

Short Colored Hair-8

9. Oil Slick Hair Color

Rainbow hair colors or multiple hair colors are really popular hair trend among young women.

Short Colored Hair-9

10. Red Highlights Short Hair

Reddish highlights creates a really cool and chic style for this girl with a pixie cut.

Short Colored Hair-10

11. Dark Purple Ombre Hair

Here is dark-purple straight bob hair with dark roots and purple hair color.

Short Colored Hair-11

12. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash blonde balayage will give a nice shine to your hair and create more stylish look.

Short Colored Hair-12

13. Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights on dark red hair color may be a nice choice for women who like both colors.

Short Colored Hair-13

14. Silver and Blue Hair

This sleek straight angled bob hairstyle is colored with blue and green hues, highlights give a cool dimension to whole hair.

Short Colored Hair-14

15. Purple Roots Silver Hair

This purple and silver ombre short bob hairstyle with layers is certainly eye-catching and chic.

Short Colored Hair-15




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