Bob Hairstyles

Really Impressive Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Since bob hairstyles gain popularity through time, women begin to seek for new haircuts and style to update their looks. Inverted bob haircut has been in hair trends for almost 10 years. It gets so versatile that any woman can adopt an inverted or angled haircut that suits her.

1. Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

This wavy bob hairstyle is both asymmetrical and inverted that nicely frames her face. Asymmetrical short hairstyles nicely frames triangle faces and make them much more proportional.

Inverted Bob Cut

2. Inverted Bob of 2016

In 2016’s hair trends, inverted bobs are seen rather than classy bob haircuts. When it styled into gorgeous curls there is no reason not to rock this bob style!

Inverted Bob Hairstyles

3. Inverted and Angled

If you have straight and thick hair texture, it is really wise to sport an angled style with layering at the end.

Inverted Bob Haircut

4. Medium Length Bob Style

Long bob or lob hairstyle is the biggest hair trend of this year and you can definitely adapt it into inverted styles.

Inverted Bobs

5. Wavy and Red

Back view looks like a pixie, angled cut do its job for this short bob hair with red coloring.

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

6. Copper Bob with Choppy Layers

Slightly longer front strands can make do wonders when it comes to short hairstyles.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-6

7. Blonde and Red

If you prefer to lighten up your thick hair with layers, this style below may be a smart choice to do it.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-7

8. Long Inverted Bob

Shorter at the back so much longer in the front. This inverted bob looks really modern and chic with those highlights.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-8

9. Ombre Hair with Bangs

We haven’t forgotten the black ladies! Here is an ombre bob hairstyle with an angled cut and copper ombre color.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-9

10. Sleek Style

Thin haired women may need some volume at the back of the hair, inverted styles look lively and stylish even on thin hair.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-10

11. Grow Out Your Short Hair

When you are growing out a really short hairstyle it is possible to keep sporting an inverted style by just adding some layering at the back and let go of the frontal strands.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-11

12. Stacked A-Line Hair

Stacked style is still adopted by middle aged ladies, but it can be sported by younger women by adding different hair colors to the hair.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-12

13. Cute Style

Look at this hair transformation! Her damaged long hair turns into a gorgeous straight inverted bob to create fresh and chic look.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-13

14. Highlighted Style

Slightly angled and layered this bob hairstyle show off itself with those well placed highlights.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-14

15. Multi-Toned Hair Color

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-15

16. Layered A-Line Bob

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-16

17. Hidden Darkness

This blondie hides something behind her back! Hidden colors are very popular among young women, it can be desired dark or pastel color, layers will make it appear nicely.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-17

18. Shoulder Length

There is a great advantage of inverted styles that if you don’t like them you can simply wait a while to grow out little bit and then chop into another shorter hairstyle.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-18

19. Angular Bob

You may think “What can red color in front of the hair possibly do?” After seeing this asymmetrical bob you will know. 🙂

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-19

20. Hair Trend for 2016

In conclusion angled and inverted short hairstyles are in trends and will be here for 2017 too. All you need to do is catch up with latest hair trends.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles-20


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