Short Curly Hairstyles

Pretty Short Curly Hair Ideas with Bangs

Curly haired women may have bangs too! Here in our gallery i want to show you pretty short & curly hair ideas with bangs, take a look at these gorgeous short hairstyles!

1. Bangs with Curly Hair

There is a misconception that women with curly hair can’t have bangs, but it is totally wrong. As you can see you can create a stylish look with short hair and bangs.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs

2. Kimberly Perry

Side parted curly bob with layers and long side bangs flatter her face nicely.

Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

3. Short Bangs Short Hair

This is a great example of how to sport an updo style with bangs and curly hair.

Short Curly Hair Bangs

4. 2016 Short Curly Hair

Pixie cut with curly bangs may add a young and fresh look to your face.

Short Curly Haircuts with Bangs

5. Stylish Curly Short Hair

Red hair colored curly bob hair with bangs looks sophisticated, modern and chic.

Curly Short Hair with Bangs

6. Mid Length Bob and Bangs

Here is a long bob hairstyle or mid length hairstyle for young girls.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-6

7. Curly Pixie

Pixie cuts with long bangs looks amazing on women with curly hair.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-7

8. Cute Short Curly Hair

Frizzy and messy hair is the new trend! This gorgeous bob with  bangs would be your next hairstyle!

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-8

9. Ombre Highlights

You can add some highlights to your hair, this way you can give dimension to your curls.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-9

10. Curly Red Hair

Irish red hair color, green eyes and curly bangs with a bob… This look is cute!

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-10

11. Thick Hair

Messy styles are excellent choice for women with thick and wavy hair as you can see below you can create this look with some hair gel or mousse.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-11

12. Natural Curly

Here is a cute mid length curly hairstyle for women with naturally curly hair.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-12

13. Vintage Curls

How about these vintage curls? Don’t you think that those curls are adorable?

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-13

14. Curly Pixie

Pixie cuts would look really unique and chic on curly haired women.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-14

15. Messy Curly

Here is an angled messy bob hairstyle with side bangs that can be inspiring for girls with curly hair.

Short Curly Hair with Bangs-15


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