Best Black Women Hairstyles

Popular Short Hairstyle Ideas for Black Girls

Calling all the black beauties! Looking for the latest short hairstyle ideas for your unique style? Take a look at our “Popular Short Hairstyle Ideas for Black Girls” gallery and choose one of them as your next hairstyle!

1. Black Girl Super Short Hair

Black girls have ben sporting their naturally curly hair with short hairstyles gradually.

Black Girl Short Haircuts

2. Short Highlighted Hairstyle for Black Girls

You have many different styling options if you have curly hair, you can go with wavy or straight short hairstyles.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls

3. Burgundy Hair on Black Girl

Straight hair look great on black ladies because they have thick and full hair texture.

Short Black Girl Hairstyles

4. Short Haircut for Black Girls

But if you like to sport your natural hair, super short haircuts would be really face framing and unique.

Short Haircuts for Black Girls

5. Black Girls 2016 Trend Short Hair

Side parted and angled bob hairstyles can be sported for any occasions.

Black Girls Short Hair

6. Curly Bob

This ombre bob hairstyle with curls frames her face nicely and emphasizes her gorgeous eyes.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-6

7. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs and blunt bob hair look as its best with dark and thick hair.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-7

8. Pixie Haircut

There are other short hairstyle options for black ladies too, pixie cuts are easy to style and sport.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-8

9. Black Women’s Angled Bob Cut

She looks stunning with her dark angled bob hair and bold pink lips.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-9

10. Natural Hair

Here is a extremely cute hairstyle idea for for yor natural hair! 🙂

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-10

11. Black Girl Bob

For older ladies, you can go with this elegant and beat haircut and hairstyle for special events.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-11

12. African American Hairstyle

This ombre bob hairstyle would look great on every women with medium to dark skin tones.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-12

13. Natural Black Hair

Wanna sport natural hair in a stylish way? Add some side braids to create this look!

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-13

14. Twisting Curly Hair

This twisting half updo style is great look for summer and nice way to keep your hair out of your face.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-14

15. Super Short Pixie

This face framing super short haircut will emphasize your all facial features, eyes and even collar bones.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls-15


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