Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Our Favorite Celebs Who Rock Short Hair

Celebrity haircuts and styles are the most important influence on the determination of hair trends. Because of that, well-known and famous hairstyles are really important but not only for us, you can get an inspiration from latest celebrity hairstyles to spice up your look. Just browse our gallery and be amazed!

1. Kaley Cuoco’s Style

We begin with well known actress of The Big Bang Theory :Kaley Cuoco. She has sported different short hairstyle from pixies to layered bob hair with blonde hair color.

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Celebs with Short Hair

2. Kate Mara’s Short Hair

Pixie cuts have been in hair trends for so long but it gets so versatile that you can create cute and feminine styles or really masculine style with pixies. Kate Mara’s short hair underline a masculine and stylish look.

Celebrity Short Hair

3. Scarlett Johansson

Nowadays Scarlett Johansson sports undercut pixie style with longer hair on top but this layered bob was also great choice for her!

Celebrity Short Haircuts

4. Short Hairstyle of Zendaya

Zenyada’s short hair is basically a bowl cut, ash color and bangs inline with eyebrows emphasize flatter her skin tone and facial features.

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

5. Cara Delevingne’s Latest Look

British model Cara Delevingne had been sporting long hair but recently she chop her hair off to sport this trendy long bob, her hair remains its blonde hair color.

Celebrities Short Hairstyles

6. Cate Blanchett

We love Cate Blanchett not only she is a great actress but because she knows how to style her hair. Middle aged women can copy her gorgeous looks to update their hairstyle.

Celebs with Short Hair-6

7. Agyness Deyn’s Messy Style

Messy, bed-head look is one of the hottest hair trends and many celebrities like Agyness Deyn display with this style. Platinum hair and messy style take awayher style from classical to a trendy look.

Celebs with Short Hair-7

8. Demi Lovato

If you have dark and thick hair Demi Lovato’s short bob with layering that is styled into loose waves would be a nice choice for you.

Celebs with Short Hair-8

9. Frankie Sandford

When talking about short bobs, we should say that they look absolutely gorgeous with bangs. In this pic we can see that side swept bangs and feathered layers nicely frames her face.

Celebs with Short Hair-9

10. Shailene Woodley’s Pixie

25 years old Shailene Woodley’s pixie cut is a great inspiration for young ladies who want to go with a short haircut but can’t find a nice one.

Celebs with Short Hair-10

11. Miley Cyrus’s Undercut

When are talking about celebrity short haircuts, there is now way not to mention Miley Cyrus 🙂 She has totally dominated hairstyle trends with her undercut pixie.

Celebs with Short Hair-11

12. Winona Ryder

If you are looking for simple and clean style, Winona Ryder’s dark pixie is perfect for you.

Celebs with Short Hair-12

13. Jennifer Hudson

Black women like to sport pixie styles because they’re very easy to style and looks great with both curly and straight hair.

Celebs with Short Hair-13

14. Kristen Stewart’s Boyish Look

Kristen loves masculine styles, she adopted this style even when she has long hair. We think she look looks absolutely modern and chic with this long asymmetrical pixie.

Celebs with Short Hair-14

15. New Bob of Emilia Clarke

Our Khaleesi rocks this blunt bob hair with her ashy brown hair color. enter parting frames her face beautifully and she looks really chic and modern.

Celebs with Short Hair-15

16. Hilary Duff’s Pastel Pink Vibe

Pink and bold, this look will inspire young ladies!

Celebs with Short Hair-16

17. Emma Stone’s Red and Wavy Bob Hair

Celebs with Short Hair-17

18. Lucy Hale with Middle Parted Sleek Bob

Celebs with Short Hair-18

19. Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky’s short hair is the great afflatus for middle-aged women who want to look  stylish with a blonde pixie cut.

Celebs with Short Hair-19

20. Jennifer Lawrence’s Vibe

Once she shop her long hair off people adore her new bob hair, don’t you thick that she looks amazing with her layered bob?

Celebs with Short Hair-20


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