Short Hairstyles

Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls

Calling all the young girls out there! In this post you will find the latest images of short haircuts for teenagers. Browse these pics below and be selfie-ready with these gorgeous short hairstyles!

1. For Teenage Girls

This layered pixie cut with light hair color is great for girls who likes unique styles.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls

2. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are really popular with short haircuts so this will be your next haircut for this season!

Girls Hairstyles for Short Hair

3. Short Hair Bangs

Nothing cuter that dark bob hair with blunt bangs, this hairstyle face framing and chic.

Girls with Short Hair Cuts

4. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts and super short pixies are another face framing option for teenage girls.

Pictures of Short Haircuts for Girls

5. Long Bob Hair

Here is a really stylish long bob hair with angled style and blonde hair color.

Short Hair Designs for Girls

6. Short Emo Haircut

Choppy layers, wispy bangs and dark hair color used to be part of emo style but nowadays it is a chic look for young girls.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-6

7. Blonde Hair

If you have dark skin tone, this ash blonde bob hairstyle would look nice on you.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-7

8. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose’s shaved short haircut with highlight can be a great inspiration for girls with masculine style.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-8

9. French Bob

Mere is an adorable French bob hair for girls with wavy hair.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-9

10. Short Blunt Bob

Blunt bob hairstyles are perfect option for teens with thin and flat hair.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-10

11. Different Colored

Teens may want to experiment different hair color an there is no better time to do it in your life except puberty! 🙂

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-11

12. Super Short

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-12

13. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin sports really nice pixie cut with side swept bangs that frames her eyes.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-13

14. Red Short Pixie

Red and spiky pixie cuts look really nice on girls with pale skin tone and green eyes.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-14

15. Short Curly Ombre Hair

Here is a short curly bob hairstyle with blonde highlights, this is a great look for special occasions.

Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls-15


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