What makes black women look effortlessly stylish and unique is their unique curly hair structure and their attitude towards to updated hairstyle ideas. Whether you like your naturally curly hair or want to straighten your curls, you can find a nice style for yourself from between these hairstyle ideas for black ladies.

1. Tomiko Fraser

Gray hair is the most known hair color trend, you can use it as ombre color or go with full gray. It is obvious that this hair color compliment short hairstyles like this bob.

Short Haircuts for Black Women

2. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical style looks definitely gorgeous on curly hair, in this pic as you can see the hair is styled into big curls that nicely flatter her face.

Short Hair for Black Women

3. Shakara Ledard

Naturally curly hair of black women have different structures, if you have thin spirals, blonde highlights will emphasizes your curls.

Short Cuts for Black Women

4. Perm Rods

Black women have different varieties of hairstyles, you can even change the thickness of your curls and make them more apparent with perm rods.

Black Women Short Haircuts

5. Short Curly Hair

Super short hairstyles are great choice for ladies who don’t have much time to style their hair, light layering will help you to style your hair quickly.

Short Haircuts Black Women

6. Longer Pixie

Longer pixie styles are getting more and more popular among women because of its styling options. It can be sported with both curly and straight hair.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-6

7. Big Curls on a Bob

You can easily create a fancy hairstyle by styling your bob hair into voluminous big curls.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-7

8. Tapered Style for Natural Hair

Here is a really short cropped hairstyle with shaved sides that is a nice option for natural haired African American women.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-8

9. Short Cute Afro

Afro hairstyles are special hairstyle for black women, to create an afro look you should sport it with naturally curly hair.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-9

10. Thick Curly Hair

Afro style creates a nice, unique style for black girls, it will also complete your street style effortlessly.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-10

11. Different Haircut Idea

You can sport different short haircuts beautifully if you can straightening your hair regularly. Just make sure to use hair products to protect your hair from the heat.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-11

12. Copper Colored

One of the best lighter hair colors for black women is ash and copper shades because they flatter their skin tone and create a lighten up look.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-12

13. Layered Angled Bob Style

Short Haircuts for Black Women-13

14. Natural Tapered Hair

Tapered short haircuts and pixie styles are one of the most beloved style for black women who want to embrace their natural hair.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-14

15. Side Parted and Spiky

Lastly we will show you a spiky pixie style with tapered back. It is a really easy-to-style haircut idea for busy days.

Short Haircuts for Black Women-15




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