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Gorgeous Black Girls with Short Hair

Wanna see the latest short hairstyle trends for black ladies? Here are the images of Gorgeous Black Girls with Short Hair! Take a look at these fabulous short haircuts that can inspire you!

1. Black Girl Pixie Hairstyle

Here is a nice pixie cut for black ladies, you can sport this haircut with both straight and curly hair.

Black Girl Hairstyles

2. 2016 Short Hairstyle for Black Girls

Here is a natural short hairstyle that is colored with light hair color.

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls

3. Black Girls Pixie Hairstyle

You can also color your hair with different hair colors like this one below:

Black Girls Short Hairstyles

4. Weave Hairstyle for Black Girls

Look at this wavy angled bob hairstyle, it is stylish, modern and chic.

Hairstyles for Black Girls

5. Short Haircut for Black Girls

Gray hair color is also popular among ladies with short hairstyle.

Short Haircuts for Black Girls

6. Natural Short Hair

This natural short hairstyle can be sported by black ladies.

Black Girls with Short Hair-6

7. Curly Bob

Her big and loose curls add a really nice touch to her bob hairstyle.

Black Girls with Short Hair-7

8. Lupita Nyong’O

Lupita’s simple short haircut nicely frames her face.

Black Girls with Short Hair-8

9. Cool Pixie

Here is cool pixie cut for rebellious women, the razor style at the back is unique and stylish.

Black Girls with Short Hair-9

10. Street Style

Her big afro hairstyle is a great part of the street style for black girls.

Black Girls with Short Hair-10

11. Shaved Hair

Here is another natural short hairstyle with shaved side.

Black Girls with Short Hair-11

12. Beauty

This pixie cut with dark wavy hair can create a really beautiful style for black women.

Black Girls with Short Hair-12

13. Super Short

Lastly, this Rihanna inspired pixie cut would be really nice on you if you are into straight hair!

Black Girls with Short Hair-13



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