Short Hairstyles

Easy-to-Style Layered Haircuts We Love

If you want to sport a haircut that is east to style, all you need to do is let layers do all the job. Layers will help you to style your hair and create new and unique haircuts. Short haircuts would look really dull and not so well-groomed without layering.

1. Layered Pixie

As we said before layers add a really nice style to haircuts, this long layered pixie would look nothing like long pixie without any layering, don’t you think so? ­čÖé

Short Layered Haircuts

2. Short Layered Bob

You can absolutely go with blunt bob haircuts but layering will add texture, volume and movement to bob hairstyles.

Short Layered Hair

3. Side View

Short hairstyles like this pixie would look much more stylish and attentive when you add significant layering to the haircut.

Layered Short Haircuts

4. Best Layered Short Bob

Razor cut and choppy layering will help you to create modern and unique looks, highlights also make a nice statement of her eye color.

Layered Short Hair

5. Graduated Layered Hair

One thing for sure layering is necessary part of having a graduated haircut, you can create a new look by changing your layering style.

Short Layered Haircut

6. Layered Long Bob

Here is another angled bob hair with layering as you can see her thick hair texture looks light and full in addition to low-lights and highlights.

Layered Short Haircuts-6

7. Keira Knightley Short Hair

If you want to grow out your short pixie, this layered short haircut of Keira Knightley would be a great idea to pass that growing-out phase.

Layered Short Haircuts-7

8. Pastel Purple

If you want to show off the style of your haircut lighter hair colors or pastel purple color like this one below would work for you.

Layered Short Haircuts-8

9. Pixie Bob Style

As you can see layers on this short hair show off the darker hair color beneath the hair and creates a nice looking style.

Layered Short Haircuts-9

10. Long Blonde Pixie Cut

This longer pixie cut is suitable for any women, sides tucked behind the ears and at the end she looks gorgeous with her blonde pixie!

Layered Short Haircuts-10

11. Long Bangs

Asymmetrical pixie cuts would be so boring without layers so when you go to saloon make sure the layering is suitable for your hair type and haircut.

Layered Short Haircuts-11

12. Chic Bob

This short haircut and light caramel hair color with darker roots is suitable for wheat-skinned middle-aged women who want to change their style for this season.

Layered Short Haircuts-12

13. Curly Hair with Layers

Got wavy or curly hair? Long pixie styles would work really well for you, just look at her she is sophisticated, chic and glamorous!

Layered Short Haircuts-13

14. Platinum Blonde

If you are looking for something different and eye-catching here is a modern punk hairstyle with shaved side and long bangs.

Layered Short Haircuts-14

15. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s long pixie cut with layering and side swept bangs was the most radical change for her, layering and bangs nicely frames her beautiful face.

Layered Short Haircuts-15

After this point we will show you some other layered short hairstyle ideas that you may want to sport:

16. Asymmetrical and Layered Cut

Layered Short Haircuts-16

17. Classy Look

Layered Short Haircuts-17

18. Graduated Layered Bob

Layered Short Haircuts-18

19. Really Pretty Style

Layered Short Haircuts-19

20. Choppy Layered Bob

As we end our post we want to represent you the best looks of this year, this bob hair is styled into messy and loose waves and choppy layering adds a modern and chic style to her look.

Layered Short Haircuts-20

What is your favorite layered haircut? Let us know and stay tuned!


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