Forget those who say you won’t be able to sport different hairstyles with a short haircut!  By experimenting with beautiful and different hair styling options from braided hairstyles to half updo and updo styles, you can get a new look even in 15 minutes!  Let’s take a look at these adorable and easy hairstyle ideas without loosing more time:

1. Twister Half Updo and Updo Style

When it comes to styling, bob hair can be so versatile. This twisted half updo is just beautiful in this way but you can turn it into a gorgeous updo hairstyle by pinning the twisted end back of the head.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

2. Cute Updo Hairstyle for Short Hair

This blonde updo style may look complicated but when you show this to your hairstylist he/she will know what you expect.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

3. Easy Braided Hairstyle Idea

Those double braids create a nice, messy half updo for her bob haircut. To create this braids you can go with Dutch or French braids.

Easy Short Haircuts

4. Stylish Low Bun

Low buns are really popular, we have seen low buns on celebrities, runways and even red carpet. It is really simple to create this look by using texturizing hair spray and teasing your hair before you start.

Easy Cute Short Hairstyle

5. Side Braid for Half Updo

Curly at the back, braided in the front… This braided style can sported for formal events like weddings or dinner parties.

Cute Hair

6. Gorgeous Half Updo

As you can see step by step, this updo is much more easier than you thick, just start with two locks and twist other locks in order.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-6

7. Hairdo with Hairband

Headband updo styles can work even on super short bob hairstyles, but it would be much more flattering if you have thick hair.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-7

8. Messy Low Bun

Here is a nice updo style for thin-haired women, forelocks complete messy style of this beautiful updo.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-8

9. Nicely Braided Short Hair

This style of updos are really popular among celebrities with short hair, so it is wise to copy them! 🙂

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-9

10. Voluminous Half Up Half Down Style

This multiple colored bob hair is styled into a half updo with voluminous top and braid.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-10

11. Messy Style for Casual Looks

Hurry in the morning? Casual look for street style? Here is the perfect messy short hairstyle idea with a hair scarf.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-11

12. Half Updo for Bob Hair

This half updo style is created with nested hair locks, it will get your hair ot of your face in a stylish way.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-12

13. Milkmaid Updo

Milkmaid briad or braided hairband creates a cute yet stylish looks for women, it can be adopted for special occasions too!

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-13

14. Voluminous Hair On Top

Here is another Scarlett Johansson look, this hairstyle with a big volume on top is perfect for ladies with round face shape. If you have long face you should avoid this much volume.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-14

15. Updo for Layered Bob

Here is another nested updo style for women who have been sporting layered bob hairstyles.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair-15

It may be surprising for you to see all different hairstyles that can be sported with short hair. Now you know how to style your hair for different occasions and show off your flava! 🙂




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