Pixie hair is a excited and famous hair style for ladies. It has lots of advantages of provide us with a fantastic look when compared with medium to long hairstyles. Almost all of the pixie hair cuts are featured with short layers which may be tapered to fit all types of face forms. This season, we can easily see the cool undercut and shaved side -or back- shapes are being added into the short pixie for a more spectacular style. Keep your top layers in a longer length which will add a subtle womanly sense in your short hair look. For more information, take a look at our Coolest 15 Best Shaved Pixie Cut pictures below! At the moment, you can put on a perfect combination of the shaved cut with pixie.

1. Shaved Pixie Cut Style

Undercut styles and shaved sides are really popular among women with pixie cuts, this blonde pixie with long side swept bangs and undercut style looks definitely modern and cool.

Shaved Pixie Cut

2. Shaved Pixie Hair

Growing out a side shaved pixie, looks so cute with baby blonde color.

Shaved Pixie Haircut

3. Riri’s Shaved Pixie Cut

Rihanna is one of the best icon with her pixie cut. All ladies love her two colored side shaved pixie hairdo:

Shaved Pixie Cuts

4. Short Shaved Pixie Cut

If you have thick hair, this layered asymmetrical shaved pixie will be great on you.

Short Shaved Pixie Cuts

5. Simple Shaved Pixie Hairstyle

Simple and attractive, this gray pixie cut is really east to style and maintain.

Shaved Pixie Hairstyles

6. Undercut Pixie

Undercut pixie styles are perfect for women with a cool and masculine style, it is really easy to style too!

Shaved Pixie Cut-6

7. Green Colored

This green colored platinum short hairstyle is a perfect look for girls who like punk rock styles.

Shaved Pixie Cut-7

8. Pink Buzz Cut

Jessie J. chop her bob hair with a sudden decision to sport this buzz cut and pink hair color.

Shaved Pixie Cut-8

9. Asymmetrical Style

Shaved Pixie Cut-9

10. Undercut Look

Shaved Pixie Cut-10

11. Shaved Sides

Shaved Pixie Cut-11

12. Red and Dark Hair

Shaved Pixie Cut-12

13. Curly Hair

Shaved Pixie Cut-13

14. For Thin Hair

Shaved Pixie Cut-14

15. Riri’s Style

Just look at Riri’s undercut pixie, long copper hair color and voluminous hair on top creates a effortless style.

Shaved Pixie Cut-15




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