Summer is the best time to go for a short cropped hairstyles and get the new look. For this reason, we have gathered these Chic Pixie Haircuts for Women that You Should See, take a look at these trendy pixie style ideas now!

1. Elsa Pataky Pixie Haircut

First of all pixies will never be out of fashion any time soon but this pixie with side swept bangs is one of the most popular looks of our time.

Pixie Haircut

2. Kate Moss Pixie Cut

Kate Moss sports a really messy short hairstyle with layering in this pic.

Pixie Cuts

3. Lily Collins Pixie Hairstyle

Here is a cute layered short hairstyle of Lily Collins, this is a great haircut for brunette girls.

Pixie Hairstyles

4. Asian Pixie Haircut

If you have dark and thick hair texture, this pixie haircut would look very similar on you.

Pixie Haircuts

5. Coco Rocha Pixie

She sport really voluminous and edgy pixie style that would look great on women with oval faces.

Pixie Haircuts for Women

6. Black Pixie

Her black pixie haircut is great for thick hair and nicely frame your face and your eyes.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-6

7. Short Cut

Anne Hathaway wear her pixie cut side swept and her chocolate brown hair color emphasize her eyes beautifully.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-7

8. Trendy Short Hairstyle

Edgy and trendy short hairstyles like this one below will lead you a really cool and chic look.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-8

9. Pixie Cut Red Hair

This voluminous red pixie cut is great for women with round face, hair on top will give a oval look to round face.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-9

10. Girl with Pixie Cut

Short haircuts can be so versatile that you can sport a hairstyle that is between bob and pixie with face framing bangs.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-10

11. Hair Color

Layered short hairstyles emphasize your hair color and your face.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-11

12. Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan sports short hairstyles and knows how to style them for red carpet events, this one is a perfect look for special occasions.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-12

13. One Side Long

This red pixie style with super long bangs can nicely frame any womens face.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-13

14. Grey Pixie

Gray hair color is one f the most popular color for young women so you can go with gray to create edgy and unique look.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-14

15. Pixie Cut Hair Color

Here is a cute pixie cut that is highlighted with blonde hair color.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-15

16. Rihanna Short Black Hair

Rihanna’s dark short hairstyle with wispy long bangs and choppy layering is a great inspiration for black ladies.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-16

17. Shaved Sides

Scarlett Johansson sports this pixie cut with long hair on top and shaved sides for a while and totally rocks it!

Pixie Haircuts for Women-17

18. Back View

If you wonder about the back view of layered pixie cut here is a nice example!

Pixie Haircuts for Women-18

19. Super Short Pixie Cut

This super short pixie cut is suitable for ladies over 50 and can be sported for any occasions.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-19

20. Silver Blonde

You can complete your pixie style with silver hair color for dreamy look.

Pixie Haircuts for Women-20



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