Short Hairstyles

Celebrity Short Hairstyles to Get Inspired for 2015

The previous year we have seen some of the best short haircuts modeled by celebrities hair. It seems like all the leading ladies in the spotlight have traded in their longer locks to sport cute bobs, chic pixie cuts, and edgy cropped cuts with the beauty world taking attention, people are flocking to their hairdressers to jump on the band wagon, sporty shorter hairstyles. Not very numerous women can rock a short haircut, but these female celebrities are trying that you don’t have to have long flowing locks to be brilliant. That’s true; these celebrities are beautiful with any hair. In fact most of them look better with a shorter haircut. You can also be fabulous and attractive by taking any of these hair styles.

1. Chelsea Kane’s Blonde Short Bob Haircut

Chelsea Kane's Blonde Short Bob Hairstyles

2. Nicole Gale Anderson’s Textured Straight Bob Haircut

Nicole Gale Anderson Straight Bob Hairstyles

3. Very Short Hairstyle Photographed by Herb Ritts

Short Hairstyles Photographed by Herb Ritts

4. Adrianne Palicki’s Short Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Adrianne Palicki Short Pixie Hairstyles

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Short Wavy Bob Haircut

Jennifer Lawrence Short Bob Hairstyles

6. Lily Collins’s Brown Short Voluminous  Bob Hairstyle

Lily Collins Short Brown Bob Haircuts

7. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Untamed Short Haircut with Blonde Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow Untamed Short Hairstyles

8. Nicole Richie’s Very Charming and Feminine Bob Hairstyle

Nicole Richie Charming and Feminine Bob Haircuts

9. Ombre Bob Wavy Haircut for Short Hair 2015

Ombre Bob Wavy Hairstyles for Short Hair

10. Short Layered Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Short Layered Platinum Pixie Haircuts

11. Anne Hathaway’s Elegant Untamed Pixie Haircut

Anne Hathaway Untamed Pixie Hairstyles

12. Kristen Stewart’s Short Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Kristen Stewart Short Pixie Hairstyles

13. Sienna Miller’s Staight Short Pixie Haircut with Highlights

Sienna Miller Staight Short Hairstyle with Highlights

14. Trendy Short Pixie Hairstyle with Side Apart

Trendy Short Pixie Haircuts

15. Karlie Kloss’s Short Bob Haircut with Light Brown

Karlie Kloss Light Brown Short Bob Hairstyles


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