Short Wavy Hairstyles

Best Haircut Solutions for Thick and Wavy Hair

Thin-haired women has always been envy of other women with thick and wavy hairstyles. It is true that thick hair is one of the best hair type to work with it but it may be hard to find he right haircut for wavy and thick hair types. So at this point we step in to solve this little problem. There are many different haircuts solutions and styles for wavy hair and here are 20 of them:

1. Dark Short Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Layers! Layers have always been good friends with wavy hairstyles, if you want to sport short bob or long pixie it is a must to have layering.

Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

2. Layered Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy and thick hair is really suitable for messy styles, middle aged women will look much more younger with a messy short bob.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

3. Pixie Haircut for Naturally Wavy Hair

You can opt with new pixie cuts and styles to create a brand new looks for this season.

4. Short Wavy Haircut

Red head alert! This voluminous bob hairstyle with layers and waves is the perfect look for women with pale skin and thick hair.

Short Wavy Haircuts

5. Short Wavy Hairstyle

Side bangs are perfect for creating sophisticated looks, this dark bob hair nicely frames her face and layers emphasize her waves.

Short Wavy Hair

6. Gray Pixie

As you know pastel hair color are really trendy, this gray color show off all the waves and style of haircut clearly.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-6

7. Scarlett Johansson

We love Scarlett Johansson! She has been sporting this ombre pixie cut undercut style and totally rocks it!

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-7

8. Ombre Bob Hairstyle

To lighten up your thick and wavy hair just add some blonde or light ombre and choppy layers at the ends of the hair.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-8

9. Wavy Blondie

Her waves show off themselves nicely and she is totally killing this layered short bob hair!

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-9

10. Long Bob

Women who don’t want to sport a really short hair but want to update their looks can go with long bobs.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-10

11. Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs look really unique on wavy hairstyles as you can see this dark blonde bob hair pic:

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-11

12. Blonde Pixie with Waves

She looks like saying “dash it!” but she totally rock this wavy blonde pixie, volume and thickness make this pixie unique.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-12

13. Angled Dark Bob

Angled long bob hairstyle of this lady would look great on women with thick and dark hair like hers.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-13

14. Bronde Hair

Look at this adorable look! The combination of lightly textured waves, bronde hair color and a gorgeous smile create a chic look.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-14

15. Shaved Side

If you are punk-rock girl with blue eyes this super dark pixie with shaves side is perfect for you.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-15

16. Choppy Layering

Choppy layering looks best on thick hair, barely there highlights also creates some movement trough the hair.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-16

17. Spiky Pixie

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-17

18. Messy Style

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-18

19. Bob and Bangs

Long blunt bang are great when they sported by women with thick hair, it is possible to add some nice vibe to curly and wavy hair by adding bangs.

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-19

20. Evan Rachel Wood’s Style

We end our post with beautiful actress Evan Rachel Wood‘s textured pixie style. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair-20


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