Cute Short Haircuts

Really Cute and Short Hairstyles for Pretty Women

If you are bored of wearing having the same hairstyle? If you are, now you have a excellent and original opportunity to have some new cute hair ideas that will help you to create a graceful and perfect hairstyle with minimum effort. The change in haircuts has made it a little distressed for people to make a select but has also given a variety to choose amongst in order to their requests and properties. Hair stylists help a lot in this case which makes it a bit easier as consultation is all the time a perfect idea! Short haircuts will stay trendy for the next decades, so do not be late to catch the train. 35 Cute Short Hairstyles for Women include stylish and charming designs and you just have to stay up to date with the latest short haircut trends.

1. Charming Short Layered and Pixie Hairstyle

As is usually the case with layered looks, this long short cut is also appropriate for thin hair. Your locks may look wispy when cut straight, or with a round base line.
Charming Short and Pixie Haircuts

2. Great Short Layered Bob for Blond Hair

You can increase the fierce factor and take it shorter on one side. A subtle wave enhances this style keeping its cuteness, but the attitude is undeniable.
Great Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

3. Chic Pixie Layered Short Hairstyle

Incorporate some fun highlights and long angled bangs for a complete character you’ll easily fit into.
Chic Pixie Layered Haircuts


4. Short Choppy Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

This short-to-medium choppy style is ideal and useful with layered bangs.
Short Choppy Layered Hairstyles

5. Stylish Short Shag Hairstyle for Women

A very layered blonde pixie style with highlights is classic and always dramatic!
Stylish Short Shag Hairstyles


6. Short Dark Pixie Haircut with Curly Hair

A highlighted dark curly pixie always makes your looks elegant and cute. This one is very easy and stylish.
Short Pixie Haircuts with Curly Hair


7. Cute Short Haircut with Bangs

Messy or neat, colored or natural – this edgy pixie cut flatters round faces.
Short Haircuts with Side Apart


8. Pretty Dark Short Bob Hairstyle

Note that the fringe is much longer than the hair at the back of the head, which works toward building a bit of natural volume at the top.
Classic Dark Short Bob Hairstyles


9. Best Cute Short Hairstyle for Blond Hair

Pixie cuts with layered bangs are a great choice for women who want an easy style that still brings out their best facial features.
Cute Short Hairstyles for Blond Hair


10. Different Short Pixie Haircut for Girls

Nothing says that you’ve embraced a short cut quite like an asymmetrical style. Your cut can be longer in the front and shorter in the back.
Different Short Haircuts for Girls


11. Sweet Messy Short Bob Hairstyle

Gorgeous short bob hairstyle have lots of edges and sections to make your face standout. Choose a short cut with a messy fringe that lengthens at the ears.
Messy Short Bob Hairstyles


12. Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Haircut with Blonde Highlights

Make an even bigger statement with bold blonde coloring. Raise the volume with a strong hold hairspray.
Pixie Haircuts with Blonde Highlights


13.  Carey Mulligan and Sweet Layered Bob Haircut

Braided bangs, wavy locks and dramatic parts all work together to create a short hairstyle that’s flattering and feminine.
Carey Mulligan Layered Bob Haircuts

14. Cute Short Brown Hairstyle for Girls

Frame your cute round face with a medium pixie that can be rocked on either curly or straight hair.
Cute Short Hairstyles


15. Asymmetrical Dark Layered Short Haircut

If you love pixie cuts but want something a bit more edgy and creative, go for an asymmetrical cut. Using choppy bangs and a closely cropped back, this pixie cut is all about asymmetry, texture and a contrast of lengths.
Dark Asymmetrical Short Haircuts


16. Short Hairstyle with One Side Longer Than the Other

Sleek and straight, this no-nonsense style is perfect for both the office and a weekend getaway.
Short haircuts with one side longer than the other


17. Appealing Pixie Haircuts for Girls with Round Faces

Since modern pixie cuts tend to be messy and layered, rebel a bit with something more put together.
Appealing Pixie Haircuts for Girls with Round Faces


18. Sweet Short Haircut For Women From All Age Groups

A long pixie cut with highlighted bangs is ideal for all age gruop, especially with brown-dark haircolor!
Short Haircuts For Women From All Age Groups


19.  Graceful Short Dark Hairstyle for 2014-2015

With a short undercut do that’s long on top, you can add height and give the style more volume. Part hair to one side and backcomb from the deep side swept bang to the crown.
Short Graceful Hairstyle for 2014-2015


20. Straight Short Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

An inverted bob keeps the back shorter and the front layers longer. This is ideal for women with fine hair, because this cutting technique creates fullness.
Stacked Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

21.  Anne Hathaway’s Graceful Short Pixie Hairstyle

Dark, sultry and modern – that’s what you’ll get with this fun pixie cut that’s perfect for thick hair.
Anne Hathaway Short Pixie Hairstyles

22. Extremely Short Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women

If you’re going with an extreme color like gray, keep things interesting with a short pixie cut. Work some straight bangs into it to soften the look.
Short Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women


23. Frankie Sandford’s Brown Hair with Bangs

A short hairdo can beautifully frame your face and accentuate your best features. Keep a deep side part, longer length and layers throughout. The style is easy to maintain and every bit sophisticated.
Frankie Sandford Hair with Bangs

24. Katie Holmes’s Shiny Straight Short Hairstyle

This cut is referred to as a stacked bob because the layers from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck are stacked on top of each other.
Katie Holmes Shiny Short Hairstyles

25. Popular Cute Short Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Keep your coif current with a close cut or shaven back. If you’re feeling bold, extend the close cut to the sides. Maintain your do long on top for a funky style that’s fun to play with.
Popular Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair


26.  Josie Bissett’s Short Blond Pixie Haricuts with Side Apart

Go messy chic, add a pea-sized dose of texturizer or moose for a bit of a wet look and enjoy fun days out in the sun with it!
Josie Bissett Short Blond Haricuts with Bangs

27.  Glamorous Edgy Short Hairstyle with Side Apart

Want something fun but still serious? Check out these spiky layered bangs that veil the forehead and introduce a modern twist into an otherwise classic long pixie style.
Edgy Short Glamorous Hairstyles


28. Chic Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

We were particularly keen on showing you this inverted bob from the back, because we love how simple it is to style.
Chic Short Bob Hairstyles


29. Charming Short Haircut with Long Bangs

If you are looking for a haircut ideal for thin hair, a graduated pixie cut with asymmetrical angles may work best for you.
Charming Short Hairstyles with Long Bangs


30. Sweet Short Pixie Hairstyle with Side Bangs

With beautifully shiny hair, she allows her natural texture to shine through. As opposed to the typically straight pixie, she rocks hers with a bountiful body wave!
Short Pixie Hairstyles with Side Bangs


31. Michelle Williams’s Short Layered Haircut for 2014-2015

This straight platinum blond style really does make the wearer look like a fairytale pixie
Michelle Williams Short Haircuts for 2014-2015

32. Best Short Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Women with hair on the finer side can have just as much success with an asymmetrical pixie haircut, as thick-haired girls. In fact, having thin hair is actually beneficial in this case, as strands are apt to lay more softly and stay in place.
Short Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair


33. Super Short Hairstyles with Side Apart for Women

Pixie cuts look so beautiful with long bangs! If you have wavy hair that’s blonde, a sweet and stylish cut will be right to the point to bring out your eyes and smile.
Super Short Hairstyles for Women

34. Amazing Dark Pixie Hairstyle

When it comes to styles for fine hair, hairdressers like to add in body by “stacking” the cut. This boosts volume and produces the best end result.
Amazing Pixie Hairstyles


35. Ginnifer Goodwin’s Exteremely Short Haircut

Whether your locks are naturally a deep hue or you decide to color them, this dramatically fun style will really turn heads.
Ginnifer Goodwin Short Haircuts



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