Here is another style that will suit you perfectly as a woman. Now that we are alive, we shouldn’t slack back in looking fashionable and beautiful. The short haircut with long bangs is now the reigning fashion for all women. It makes you look great and brightens your face. Don’t you want to improve your fashion life? Just explore these  Short Haircuts with Long Bangs, try them and you will become sure that they don’t require high maintenance. Another advantage of the short haircuts is that you can always try new styles. We have a great collection for you. It is now left for you to select the one you think will fit you most. Also, have in mind that long bangs fit and work best on round faces. With these bangs, you will look more flattered and stunning. Below are some eye-catching examples that will make you never think twice of making this style. First comes the beautiful long layered haircut. It will make you look fresh and elegant. It doesn’t only make you look great but also enlightens your body tone. Pixie hair with long bangs is also a great option to try this year. The longer part of this hairstyle is made with awesome bangs. The third haircut is the curly short hair with bangs. This haircut requires full and thick hair to make your look more perfect. You can also choose rounded bob cut and add some bangs on one side. This will make you look sexy and very stylish. Ideas are a lot. Just decide which one can upgrade your beauty and try it for an updated style.

1-Short Haircut with Long Bangs

Short Haircut with Long Bangs, Hair Short Hairtyles Victoria

2-Long Straight Pixie

Long Straight Pixie, Pixie Hair Short Long

3-Side Shaved Hairtyle

Side Shaved Hairtyle, Hair Pixie Short Undercut

4-Modern Long Pixie

Modern Long Pixie, Hair Pixie Short Hairtyles

5-Pixie with Long Bangs

Pixie with Long Bangs, Pixie Hair Long Bangs

6-Blonde Hair

Pixie Fine Long Tapered

7-Short Black Pixie

Pixie Hair Short Long

8-One-sided Bangs

Pixie Hair Short Long

9-Thick Hair

Hair Short Pixie Long

10-Short Pixie with High Crown

Pixie Long Bangs Very

11-Blonde Hair

Hair Short Long Bangs

12-Dark Hair

Pixie Short Hair Long

13-Blonde Pixie with Bangs

Hair Short Cute Styles

14-Stylish Look

Layered Short Bangs Bob


Hair Short Bob Long


Summer 35 Bob Sides

17-Messy Pixie with Bangs

Pixie Blonde Long Bangs

18-Elegant Pixie Hair

Hair Short Pixie Long

19-Edgy Look

Short Hairtyles All Bold

20-Long Bangs

Hair Short Side Pixie

21-Stylish Look

Hair Long Pixie Bangs

22-Curly Bangs

Pixie Hair Length Chin

23-Messy Cut

Pixie Straight Short Choppy

24-Disconnected Bangs

Hair Short Pixie Long

25-Layered Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Hairtyles 50

26-Blonde Hair

27-Red Hair

28-Perfect Look

29-Blonde Bangs

30-Sleek and Straight Hair



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