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Eye-Catching Hair Colors for Short Haired Women

Are you looking for the great “LOOK”? Or maybe you need a few tips on hair care, fashion, beauty, style or how to manage and maintain the hair style you already have? If so, begin looking at all the fun and news about hair color.
There are many variables to think about when deciding on a hair style. Best style can only be achieved when you’ve viewed as all the variables. As an example, your new short hair style and color should complement your personas, career, lifestyle, time management, body type, face form, hair texture and consistency, hair density, the color of eyes and skin tone. And it should get a feeling of account balance between your mind, face and body.

1. Short Pink Hair Color Idea

This pixie hairstyle looks really cute with a little bit touch of pastel pink hues.

Short Hair Color

2. Cute Colored Short Hair

For more drastic change go with vibrant pink hair colors.

Hair Color for Short Hair

3. Short Colored Hair with Bangs

This bob hairstyle with bangs is colored with a bright green an it looks really unique.

Short Colored Hair

4. Short Hair Highlighted Color

This inverted bob hair color looks so natural and gorgeous that it will give the shine that you have always looking for.

Short Hair Colors

5. Green Hair Color Idea for Short Hair

This unusual ombre hair color has multiple bright colors: blue and green and they make this bob eye catching!

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

6. Dark Red

If you have darker skin tone you will totally rock this dark red hair color and layered bob.

Hair Color for Short Hair-6

7. Gray Bob

Her pale skin, blue eyes and gray bob hair looks stylish and well- matched.

Hair Color for Short Hair-7

8. Purple Ombre

This pastel purple ombre looks great on this soft wavy bob hair.

Hair Color for Short Hair-8

9. Ombre Hair

Here is a little touch of honey blonde, this sun kissed ombre will make you shine!

Hair Color for Short Hair-9

10. Green Undercut

Hair Color for Short Hair-10

11. Blue Ombre

Here is a blue ombre hair color with an angled bob hairstyle, dark roots add a modern twist to whole look.

Hair Color for Short Hair-11

12. Rose Blonde

This rose hair color will be a real hair color trend next season.

Hair Color for Short Hair-12

13. Blue Balayage

This balayage blue hair color with gray base looks much more softer than “blue hair” but much more stylish as well!

Hair Color for Short Hair-13

14. Green Pixie

Here is a cute, messy green pixie style for thick haired girls.

Hair Color for Short Hair-14

15. Curly Gray Short Hair

Here is another stylish look, this curly gray bob hairstyle looks so cute and chic that can be adopted curly haired girls.

Hair Color for Short Hair-15

16. Red Ombre

This red ombre hair color is a great option for women who don’t want to go with blonde ombre colors.

Hair Color for Short Hair-16

17. Lilac Ombre

Pastel hair colors are in trends lately and this lilac ombre color and dark roots may be want you have been looking for!

Hair Color for Short Hair-17

18. Gray Highlights

Here is a wavy bob hairstyle with gray highlights! This look, will be your guide to the gray hair color.

Hair Color for Short Hair-18

19. Ombre Bob

Those choppy layers and ashy blonde ombre color make this short bob hairstyle much more chic and gorgeous.

Hair Color for Short Hair-19

20. Blue Pixie Style

This undercut pixie style is colored with light blue and navy hair color to emphasize undercut style.

Hair Color for Short Hair-20

21. Blonde Haircut

Here is a side view of a bob hairstyle with stacked back and longer frontal strands.

Hair Color for Short Hair-21

22. Red Pixie Hair

You can create an unique look by adding multiple hair colors to your pixie style like this one below:

Hair Color for Short Hair-22

23. Pink Ombre

Hair Color for Short Hair-23

24. Pastel Pink

Hair Color for Short Hair-24

25. Ashy Blonde

Hair Color for Short Hair-25

26. Platinum Blonde

Hair Color for Short Hair-26

27. Pastel Hair Color

Hair Color for Short Hair-27

28. Pink and Lilac Hair

Hair Color for Short Hair-28

29. Platinum Bob

This slightly inverted bob hairstyle will be your next stylish short hairstyle!

Hair Color for Short Hair-29

30. Creative Hair Color

Here is a flower inspired hair color! This inspiring hair color idea looks really fresh, creative and chic.

Hair Color for Short Hair-30


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