Celebrity Short Hairstyles

30 Celebrity Short Hairstyles to Copy Now

When you think about celebrities, the first thought that comes to mind is the fact that you want to look similar to them so that you could get the same compliments as they do. Even though they usually have an army of stylists that try to find the best hairstyles for them, you should know that you do not need so much help in order to look your best. As long as you know what your best features are And you can look at a list of 30 Celeb Short Hairstyles you are going to be able to look fantastic without too much trouble. You just need to make sure that you look at these pictures many times until you can find the hairstyles that really suit your personal style. As you know, there are many celebrities out there that have a really fantastic look And that will get a haircut depending on their mood. If they want to be able to be sexy And cute at the same time, you will surely find a few hairstyles that are going to help you get the look that you desire. Here you can see the most interesting 30 Celebrity Short Hairstyles to Copy Now that are definitely going to impress you. At first, you will surely feel a bit overwhelmed due to the fact that all of them look incredible. However, once you go through them again And again, you will be able to find at least a few that you will really love. The best part about celebrities is that they do not keep the same hairstyle for a long time. The same happens when it comes to their haircut. They just want to keep things interesting. So, they surprise everyone every single time they attend a certain event. If you like a certain celebrity, you should try And keep up with the look changes that she opts for.

Sienna Miller

1. Short Simple Blonde Bob
Female Celebrities with Short Hairstyles

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Emily Deschanel

2. Short Layered Nice Style
Emily Deschanel Short Layered Hairstyles

Nicole Richie

3. Short Straight Flat Hair
Nicole Richie Striking Short Haircuts

Halle Berry

4. Really Short Nice Pixie
Halle Berry Short Pixie Haircuts

Lana Parrilla

5. Short Sexy Dark Bob
Lana Parrilla Natural Short Hairstyles

Samantha Armytage

6. Short Gorgeous Curly Bob
Samantha Armytage Curly Bob Hairstyles

Lydia Bright

7. Platinum Short Nice Bob
Lydia Bright Straight Cuts with Bangs

January Jones

8. Short Blonde Curly Appealing Bob
January Jones Short Curly Hairstyles

January Jones

9. Pink Blonde Wavy Combination
January Jones Pinky Blonde Bob Haircuts

Halle Berry

10. Messy Natural Voluminous Hair
Halle Berry Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Lisa Rinna

11. Thick Classy Layered Hair
Lisa Rinna Classy Layer Hairstyles

Jourdan Dunn

12. Sexy Neat Gorgeous Bob
Jourdan Dunn Gorgeous Haircuts Bob

Sami Gayle

13. Really Short Elegant Pixie
Sami Gayle Elegant Pixie Hairstyles

Niecy Nash

14. Amazing Dark Curly Celebrity Hair
Niecy Nash Black Curly Haircuts

Kaley Cuoco

15. Blonde Spiked Pixie Look
Kaley Cuoco Spiked Pixie Haitcuts

Kris Jenner

16. Short Voluminous Dark Simple Pixie
Kris Jenner Pixie Hairstyles

Gina Gershon

17. Short Messy Natural Looking Curls
Gina Gershon's Soft Waves

Jennifer Grey

18. Short Neat Curly Hair
Jennifer Grey Hairstyles with Curls

Jenna Elfman

19. Short Messy Simple Wavy Blonde Hair
Jenna Elfman Trend Short Wavy Haircuts

Beth Behrs

20. Short Blonde Vintage Look
Beth Behrs Vintage Hairstyles

Taylor Swift

21. Short Blonde Cute Blonde Look
Taylor Swift Cute Blonde Haircuts

Jennifer Hudson

22. Incredibly Short Dark Pixie
Jennifer Hudson Dark Pixie Hairstyles

Cameron Diaz

23. Ash Blonde Elegant Bob
Cameron Diaz Bob Celebrity Hairstyles

Sami Gayle

24. Short Boyish Layered Pixie
Sami Gayle Layered Pixie Styles

Jodie Foster

25. Short Blonde Straight Line Flat Bob
Jodie Foster Blonde Straight Haircuts

Shannon Voss

26. Very Short Layered Pixie
Shannon Voss Short Pixie Styles

Keri Russell

27. Voluminous Fantastic Curly Hair
Keri Russell Curly Celebrity Hairstyles

Emma Thompson

28. Elegant Appealing Wavy Blonde Hair
Emma Thompson Messy Celebrity Cuts

Catherine Bell

29. Short Dark Brown Rugged Look
Catherine Bell Layered Razor Celeb Haircuts

Dakota Johnson

30. Short Wavy Natural Different Blonde Look
Dakota Johnson Natural Blonde Celebrity Hairstlyes

Even if you think that you could never pull off a certain hairstyle that celebrities have opted for, you should know that all it takes is a bit of free time, opting for the right haircut And using the best hair products. As long as you are patient enough to try out a few of these 30 Celeb Short Hairstyles as many times as necessary, you will soon be able to look like a star.


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