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30 Best Pixie Hairstyles 2018

If you are looking for short haircuts and tired of ordinary haircuts, there are actually different pixie haircuts with different styles you should see. We will help you find the right haircut that is in your dream.

Here are 30 fabulous pixie hair styles that every woman likes and wants to try. If you need a radical change in this new season and want to access the comfort of a short hairstyle, pixie cut hair is what you look for! All women wants to try one of these haircuts, you need just a little brave and correct haircut! You will find the most suitable pixie hair to your hair type and face shape with the examples in this gallery and you will get a different look. Let’s take a look together:

1. Pixie Hairstyle 2018

An amazing hair transformation for this new year, thin long hair looks more voluminous with side parted short layered haircut. You might think it’s hard to switch to this pixie style from a really long hair. But the result is surprisingly clear right here:

Pixie Hair 2018

2. Red Pixie Cut

Modern short haircut with an attractive red hair color looks really stunning. Warm red hair really cool idea with layered pixie bob style.

Pixie Hair 2018

3. Layered Blonde

Blonde is the best option for ladies, and this amazing haircut looks so chic. Especially business ladies will definitely try this kind of modern pixie hair models in 2018.

Pixie Hair 2018

4. Cute Hair

If you have cute small face shape do not be afraid to short your hair. because the type of face that best carries short hair is yours.

Pixie Hair 2018

5. Pink Blonde Hair

If you want to try different hair colors, pixie hair cut is exactly for you. Create your own style with the coolest and eye-catching hair colors. One of the most extraordinary hairstyle is the pink blonde pixie hairstyle you see here, it looks like a cotton candy color, how adorable, isn’t it?

Pixie Hair 2018

6. Fun Hair

Pixie, Fun Hair

7. Trendy Hair

Pixie 20 Women Woman Trendy Really , Trendy Hair

8. Oval Faces

Pixie, Oval Faces

9. Back View

Pixie Back Blonde View Bob 30 2017 , Back View

10. Layered Pixie Cut

Pixie Women Wavy Smart Long Easy Bobs Black , Layered Pixie Cut

11. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Pixie, Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

12. Long Bangs

2017 Pixie Grey Women Ombre Medium Cute Curly Blonde, Long Bangs

13. Cute Pixie Cut

Pixie, Cute Pixie Cut

14. Blode Hair

Pixie Sarah Jimin Got7 Bob , Blode Hair

15. Layered Hairstyle

Pixie Marilyn Mary Color Blonde 2017 , Layered Hairstyle

16. Thick Hair

Pixie , Thick Hair

17. Straight Hair

Bob, Straight Hair

18. Pixie Girl Hair

Pixie Girl Black , Pixie Girl Hair

19. Pixie Hair Layers

Pixie Blonde Medium Length Layers Bangs 2017 , Pixie Hair Layers

20. Stacked Pixie Hair

Trends Pixie Women Stacked Shaved Scene Cute 60 2017, Stacked Pixie Hair

21. Trendy Pixie Cut

Pixie Very Brunette 2013 2012 , Trendy Pixie Cut

22. Cute Hair

Pixie, Cute Hair

23. Long Bangs

Weave Quick Pixie Page Colored 2017 , Long Bangs

24. Brunette Hair

Bob, Brunette Hair

25. Blue Hair

Pixie Makeup Black Beauty , Blue Hair

26. Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie Cute Blonde Black Length Girl Bob , Blonde Pixie Cut

27. Layered Pixie Cut

Pixie Women Very 30 2013 , Layered Pixie Cut

28. Over 60

Women, Over 60

29. Thick Hair

Pixie 2017 Thick Stacked , Thick Hair

30. Casual Hair

Pixie Smart Grey 2017 2013 , Casual Hair


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