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28 Short Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

You have straight hair and that is also so thick that you are in big trouble to make it gorgeous and you’re missing comfort as well. So, here is the solution for you and that is the short haircut. Short hairstyle on your thick straight hair would be stylish, glamorous and elegant. It is true that you are blessed with thick straight hair by nature, but it also requires high maintenance and you have to spend more time on the mirror to fix a gorgeous but comfortable hairstyle. Remember you need to apply hair shampoo, use hair mask and oil regularly for taking care of your thick hair to get a shiny look.

Here, we will reveal some of the thick straight short haircuts in your guideline that you can try and look amazing! You can do bob hairstyle or pixie cut on the thick straight hair. You can customize your bob cut by doing layered or bangs or both of them together. Layered short hairstyle with bangs is perfect for summer. Alternatively, you can do an edgy style on your hair and that will be stunning and rock. Your pixie cut also gives you elegance and gorgeous look. Or you can opt for a choppy pixie cut that will definitely increase the texture of your hairstyle. Also, try for a shaved sided pixie cut as well to create a new look. Inverted bob style can create your professional look.

1- Short Hairstyle for Thick Straight Hair

Short Hairtyles for Thick Straight Hair, Layered Bob Length Shoulder

This is an absolutely simple layered traditional short hairstyle for thick straight hair. This hairstyle helps you to lose your hair’s excess weight and escalate movement on your hair. This traditional hairstyle increases your bold personality and helps you to wear a professional look!

2-Pixie Cut Black Women

Pixie Cut Black Women, Short Black Pixie Women

The pixie cut is the trendy hairstyle for thick straight hair. This is a layered pixie cut that will save your time and effort in maintaining your thick straight hair. You can create different dimension on this pixie cut by parting and adding bangs. This is a classic businesswoman look!!

3-Edgy Hair

Edgy Hair, Short Pixie Cyrus Miley

You want to have a rock style personality with your thick straight hair, and then this edgy hairstyle is a perfect choice. This hairstyle is great for every type of face. It creates a versatile personality.

4-Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut, Bob Layered Short Balayage

This is a classic layered bob hairstyle. It is ideal for a natural and soft look.

5-Layered Blonde Bob

Layered Blonde Bob, Layered Bob Haircuts Hairtyles

6- Medium Length Layered Thick Mane

Bob Thick Balayage Blonde

7- Short Hairstyle for Square Face

Hair Short Bob Medium

8- Astonishing Hairdo for Oval Shaped Face

Short Hair Haircuts Big

9- Sizzling Beauty

Hair Short Medium Some

10- Grey Thick Hair

Choppy Short Straight Silver

11- Highlights for Neck Length Bob

Bob Short Hair Thick

12- Pixie Cut for Girls with Glasses

Short Pixie Hairtyles Long

13- Long Stunning Bangs on Blonde

Short Pixie Haircuts Hair

14- Short Black Bob with Visible Red

Bob Short Thick Bobs

15- Cute All purpose hairdo

Short Pixie Hair Haircuts

16- Long Blonde Bangs with Dark Roots

Short Pixie Hair Straight

17- Best Blonde Bob

Short Hairtyles Hairtyle Bob

18- Mysterious Magical Appearance

Short Hair Pixie Haircuts

19- Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Bob Layered Thick Pixie

20- Beautiful Eyebrow Touched Bangs

Short Haircuts Hair Pixie

21- Long Bob Shaggy Hairstyle

Bob Balayage Side Choppy

22- Asymmetrical Black Bob with Golden Tinge

Stacked Bob Thick Short

23- Gorgeous Thick Dark Mixed Color Mane

Black Bob Women Hair

24- Side and Back Shaved Blonde with Black Roots

Short Hair Pixie Hairtyles

25- Redhead Bob

Bob Inverted Stacked Haircuts

26- Grey Hair with Hidden Braid on Top

27- Side Parted Dark Pixie Cut

28- Angled Bob Side View


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