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25 Our Favorite Short Layered Haircuts for Summer

Short hairstyles are in trends lately and there are many different short hairstyle that can flatter any women’s face. So in our gallery we have rounded up 25 Our Favorite Short Layered Haircuts for Summer, for women who want to add some texture and stylish look to their hairstyle.¬†Get inspired and think of how you can spice up your current short hairstyle!

1. Short Haircut with Layers

This asymmetrical pixie style with shaves sides would be nice illusion of bob hair and pixie style together.

Short Haircuts with Layers

2. Hairstyle for Short Layered Hair

Layered short hairstyles give volume texture and modern look to whole hair.

Hairstyles for Short Layered Hair

3. Layered Haircut for Short Hair

Pixie cuts also can be layered and side bangs would look great with pixie cut.

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

4. Picture of Short Layered Haircut

Those choppy layers looks great on this blonde pixie style.

Pictures of Short Layered Haircuts

5. Layered Hairstyle for Short Hair

Here is a stylish copper bob hairstyle with bangs for women with lighter skin tone and thick hair.

Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair

6. Blonde Undercut Pixie

This blonde undercut pixie style looks much more stylish with those multiple colors.

Short Layered Haircuts-6

7. Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hair

Her messy and layered pixie style is voluminous, and spiky.

Short Layered Haircuts-7

8. Short Layered Angled Bob

Here is a short layered angled bob hairstyle with stacked back, looks great on blonde hair.

Short Layered Haircuts-8

9. Short Hairstyle Women 2016

Here is a deep side parted pixie style with layering that takes this pixie stylish and edgy side.

Short Layered Haircuts-9

10. Short Hairstyle for Girls

Short layered hairstyles are great for mature ladies with thinning hair.

Short Layered Haircuts-10

11. Long Bob with Bangs

Long bob hairstyles are very popular, you can add unique look with layering.

Short Layered Haircuts-11

12. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams likes sport short hairstyle and this slightly layered pixie and light blonde hair color looks great on her!

Short Layered Haircuts-12

13. Long Pixie

Here is a nice look of a cute girl with layered long pixie cut, adorable face and glasses.

Short Layered Haircuts-13

14. Perfect Blond

This pink hues blended into blonde hair color makes this layered short hairstyle much more unique and trendy.

Short Layered Haircuts-14

15. Short Pixie Hairstyle

This spiky pixie style is a great choice for business women and mature ladies.

Short Layered Haircuts-15

16. Growing Out An Undercut

Her messy pixie cut and gray hair color is defined with layering.

Short Layered Haircuts-16

17. Angled Bob Black Hair

Angled bob hairstyles looks really nice with layers and this dark bob hairstyle may be inspirational idea for you!

Short Layered Haircuts-17

18. Pixie Cut for Over 50

Short Layered Haircuts-18

19. Short Brown Layered Hair

Short Layered Haircuts-19

20. Chic Bob

Here is a chic short hairstyle with layers, this bob hair is suitable for women with round and chubby face.

Short Layered Haircuts-20

21. Pixie Cut with Bangs

This red layered pixie cut with bangs is a timeless edgy look for ladies.

Short Layered Haircuts-21

22. Dark Dusty Purple Hair

This purple hair color looks so vibrant on this bob hairstyle with layers.

Short Layered Haircuts-22

23. Blonde Layered Pixie

Here is another pixie style with bangs that is appropriate for women for all ages.

Short Layered Haircuts-23

24. Ideal Pixie

Her red pixie style with long side bangs nicely frames her face and layer at the back of the head give dimension and volume.

Short Layered Haircuts-24

25. Blonde Messy Lange Bob

This angled blonde bob hairstyle is styled into messy waves and looks really chic.

Short Layered Haircuts-25


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