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25 Short Haircuts 2016 Trends

Looking for the hottest short hairstyle trends? In our gallery you will find 25 Short Haircuts 2016 Trends that you will love! Here are the current hair fashion trends and the right looks to flatter every face.

1. 2016 Short Hair Trend

Blonde pixie cuts are still in trends, you add long bangs to create chic look.


2. Short Hair 2016 Trend

Here is platinum short hairstyle for curly thick hair texture, this one may look unusual but definitely fashion forward.

Short Hair 2016 Trend


3. Cute Short Haircut 2016 Trend

Choppy layers are also in fashion for short and long hairstyles.

Short Hairstyle 2016 Trend


4. Short Dark Hairstyle 2016 Trend

This layered short bob hairstyle is a nice example of a fresh and chic look.

Short Haircut 2016 Trend


5. Two Colored Hair Trend

Multiple hair colors like this one below are very popular among young ladies.

Hair Trends 2016 Short

6. Inspirational

Here is an inspirational short hairstyle that looks voluminous and fashion forward.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-6

7. Short Cut with Bangs

Pixie with bangs is a nice look for ladies with brown hair color.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-7

8. Emma Fitzpatrick

Super short hairstyles are timeless and can be sported for ladies looking for easy-to-style hairstyle.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-8

9. Very Short

This short hairstyle can be adopted by girls with masculine style.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-9

10. Thick Wavy Hair

Here is a wavy bob hairstyle with bangs and highlights that is suitable for thick hair.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-10

11. Lily Collins Short Hair

Her short bob hair styled into gorgeous waves and this look is a must for this year!

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-11

12. Spiky Cut

Here is a very fashionable and cool spiky pixie style!

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-12

13. Highlights for Short Hair

Those highlights and layering make this short hairstyle much more chic and nice.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-13

14. Ashley Scott Short Hair

Those blonde short pixie style with long bangs is a great style for women of all ages.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-14

15. Julianne Hough’s Short Haircut

This middle parted bob hairstyle is styled into beachy waves, blonde hair color and dark roots are also very popular.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-15

16. Casual Layered

Here is a casual look that can be sported for every occasions.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-16

17. Miley Cyrus Short Hair

This tapered pixie cut with messy hair on top makes this hairstyle much more unique and edgy.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-17

18. Julianne Hough

Here is a nice hairstyle for ladies with short haircuts that can sport easily.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-18

19. Kimberly Wyatt

This one is for women with straight hair, her look will be your guide to perfect pixie!

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-19

20. Thick Straight Hair

Look at this brunette beauty! She looks really stylish with her messy layered short hairstyle!

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-20

21. Head Scarf Short Hair

You can add a cute head scarf to create nice and cute short hairstyle!

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-21

22. Lee Hyeri

This voluminous bob hairstyle with waves at the end is a gorgeous hairstyle for a special event.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-22

23. Girl with Short Hair

This layered ans messy bob hairstyle is a real trend of 2016.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-23

24. Miley Cyrus Hair Back

Undercut hairstyles are very popular among young ladies an Miley Cyrus has a huge effect on it.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-24

25. Sami Gayle

This pixie style is a great inspiration for ladies with thin flat hair.

Short Haircuts 2016 Trends-25




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