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25 Short Balayage Hairstyles

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean that you are running short of hairstyles that you can wear to look stunning. Short balayage hairstyles allow you the privilege of playing around with beautiful shades of your natural hair in combination with few unnatural ones. The combination makes the balayage hairstyles very great and trendy and you can’t certainly miss to wear these styles. Though wearing balayage hairstyles with short hair can be a bit hard and tricky unlike with long hair, we have great hairstylist who can do the placement of the highlights and precision to attain the beauty of these hairstyles. Adding amazing coloring to short balayage hairstyles is a way to make your look be at a different level that’s higher. What you should be careful when coloring your short balayage hairstyle is to avoid colors which conflict with your skin tone and texture. You should be able to look for models rocking colored balayage hairstyles and have similar features to yours so you can be sure at what you are doing. But we have made that work simple for you, we have all the suggestions you will need right in one place, here. These balayage color styles for short hair is picking up trend as the colors are proving to be the best thing for these balayage hairstyles. If you have been longing to have that touch of color to your short hairstyle, the balayage technique of painting can help you achieve that new natural and soft looking shade. So if you are that daring person and you like trying out new things, short balayage is the way to go. If you have long hair, then you should consider having a chop of some of your hair so that you can try this new look. When you are ready to add some new look to yourself, we have come up with 25 short balayage hairstyles that can inspire you as you go into your new world of balayage. Sit back and go through the suggestions we have for you here.

1-Short Balayage Hairtyle

Short Balayage Hairtyle, Bob Balayage Wavy Short

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2-Brown Bob Hairtyle

Brown Bob Hairtyle, Brown Bob Balayage Short

3-Choppy Hairtyle

Choppy Hairtyle, Balayage Blonde Hair Choppy

4-Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair Color, Short Girls Thick Ombre

5-Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color, Balayage Hair Highlights Brown

6- Perfect Haircut

Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

7- Cool Choppy Hair

Brown Wavy Lob Caramel

8- Pink-Blue Highlights

Balayage Brown Bob Women

9- Short Sexy Hair

Bob Short Messy Wavy

10- Messy Short Hair

Highlights Choppy Wavy Caramel

11- Bold Haircut

Bob Short Pixie Hair

12- Cool Shoulder Hair

Blonde Balayage Hair Color

13- Stunning Look

Hair Makeup Shoulder Length

14- Short Casual Hairstyle

Balayage Ombre Hair Color

15- Chic and Beautiful Styling

Blonde Hair Color Balayage

16- Amazing Ombre Hair

Balayage Hair Color Hairtyles

17- Dark Choppy Haircut

Balayage Long Hair Brown

18- Blonde Bold Style

Bob Blonde Balayage Fine

19- Dark Cute Hair

Thick Hair Balayage Medium

20- Wavy Hair

Wavy Bob Blonde Messy

21- Casual Hairstyle

Balayage Brown Bob Layers

22- Shoulder Wavy Hair

Length Hair Balayage Women

23- Chic Hairstyle

Balayage Blonde Highlights Hair

24- Chic Balayage Look with Blue Highlights

Bob Wavy Balayage Brown

25- Trendy Hairstyle

Balayage Bob Blonde Hair

It is worth noting from the above suggestions that balayage hairstyles are not only meant for the youthful women but also for the middle aged ladies out there. It doesn’t matter how old you are, balayage short hairstyles will just give you that youthful look that you have been yearning for long. Try these suggestions and we hope that you will have attained your dream after the experience we have imparted in you.


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