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25 New Short Layered Pixie Hairstyles

Ladies, today we are here with one of the best short hairstyles, and that’s absolutely pixie styles! With these short hair styles you can create a really cool and extraordinary style to yourself. Very short hair styles can confuse your head at first. You may not know how to style it, or you can not figure out how to get a view. But if you choose a short hair according to your face shape and your hair type, you can get a perfect look.

Layered and asymmetrical pixie hair cuts can show your face smaller and more thin. But if you have small face shape, we offer you the blunt cuts. Just check these images and find the layered pixie cut that’s right for you.

1. Short Layered Pixie Hairstyles Hair

Ice blonde colored chic pixie style for stylish girls!

Short Layered Pixie Hairstyles Hair, Under, Pixie, Women

2. Pixie Hairstyle

Sassy layered, longer pixie cut. Also looks like shaggy style short hair, and looks great for classy hair lovers.

Pixie Hairstyle, Very, Layered

3. Platinum Blonde

Great short layered pixie hair with amazing color. This style will be great for tumblr lovers!

Platinum Blonde, Pixie, Platinum, Pixies, Exo

4. Silver Hair

Silver lights and grey roots so moderns style:

Silver Hair, Bob, Women, Silver, Pixies

5. Blonde Layered Hair

Long layered pixie style, an amazing idea if you need a modern haircut.

Blonde Hair, Pixie, Blonde, Very, Ray

6. Easy Layered Hair

Easy Hair, Pixie, Layered, Easy, All

7. Long Pixie Layered

Long Pixie, Pixie, Trendy, Thick, Spiky

8. Back View

Back View, Pixie, View, Back, Pixies

9. Textured Hair

Textured Hair, Pixie, Thick, Textured, Suitable

10. Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde, Pixie, Bob, Blonde, Pixies

11. Stacked Layered Hair

Stacked Hair, Bob, Pixie, Blonde, Stacked

12. Short Layered Hair

Short Hair, Pixies, Pixie, Female, 207

13. Platinum Hair

Platinum Hair, Pixie, Platinum, Pixies

14. Edgy Hair

Edgy Hair, Women, Pretty, Pixies, Pixie

15. Modern Hair

Modern Hair, Pixie, 207, Women, Trendy

16. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Pixie, 207, Women, Trendy

17. Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair, Pixie, Pixies, Messy, Layered

18. Layered Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Thick, Very, Sides, Pixies

19. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Thick, Pixie, 207, Women

20. Long Pixie Haircut

Long Pixie Haircut, Pixie, Longer, Long, Bob

21. Round Face

Round Face, Round, Pixie, Faces, Trendy

22. Undercut Hair

Undercut Hair, Bob, Balayage, View, Under

23. Short Hair

Short Hair, Pixie, Spiky, Pixies, Knightley

24. Easy Hair

Easy Hair, Tips, Sunglasses, Some, Layered

25. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Pixie, Blonde, Under, Sarah


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