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25 Natalie Portman Short Hair

Do you know Natalie Portman? Have you watched her movie called V for Vendetta? Do you know that she has changed her long hair into short hair? If you don’t know these facts, then read what we have here for you. In this little write-up, you will discover the most current short hairstyle that you can even try on your own hair. Check out our Natalie Portman Short Hair and get lots of ideas for your next short haircut. Natalie Portman gave a creep, quick peek of her outlook while acting as Lucy Cola in her movie. One of her lovely hairstyles is Short Shag Cut with Shutter Bangs. Remember, this is not the only film makeover Natalie Portman has got this time, though. Previously in February, Natalie Portman was also seen carrying a Jittery Slicked Back Pixie as when filming prospects for her movie which is, Vox Lux. Thus you might ask if this hair change was real. Yes, it was real. It looks just like a wig, but after that, Natalie Portman also shaved her head for a part. Portman also likes trying bob cuts and especially curly hairstyles. You might feel like trying this cuts on your hair, thus, tell us so that we will guide you on how to apply Natalie Portman cuts on your hair as well. You will want to look like her and that is why we have given some of her pictures so that you can know the exact look you want. Check the photos below and feel inspired.

1-Natalie Portman Short Hair

Natalie Portman Short Hair, Short Hairtyles Side Dark

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2-Curly Bob Hairtyle

Curly Bob Hairtyle, Curly Hair Natalie Portman

3-Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder Length Bob, Hair Natalie Portman All

4-Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob, Natalie Portman Hair Natalie

5-Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut, Pixie Natalie Portman Natalie

6-Short Pixie Hair

Hair Short Pixie Styles

7-Short Wavy Hair

Natalie Portman Angelina Hair

8-Straight Hair

Hair Bob Natalie Portman

9-Pixie Cut

Justin People Freckles Natalie

10-Short Hair

Pixie Hair Short Uk

11-Layered Pixie Cut

Natalie Portman Pixie Shawn

12-Cool Look

Natalie Portman Kim Kardashian

13-Curly Hair

Natalie Portman Bra Bralette

14-Super Short Hair

Celebrity Natalie Natalie Portman

15-Pixie Cut

Pixie Hair Celebrity Short

16-Straight Hairstyle

Hair Hairtyles Bob Long

17-Short Hair with Fringe

Bra Bob Bobs Pixie

18-French Twist

Pixie Natalie Portman Layered

19-Half Updo Hair

Natalie Portman Stars People

20-Curly Bob Hair

Natalie Portman Bob Bobs

21-Short Pixie Hair

Hair Pixie Natalie Portman

22-Super Short Cut

Natalie Portman Shaved Makeup

23-Wavy Hair

Hair Natalie Portman Cara

24-Mohawk Style

Tank Natalie Portman Racerback

25-Cute Pixie Hair

Natalie Portman Sehun Rose


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