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25 Most Preferred Long Pixie Cut Pictures

Women with short hair looks so gorgeous and different, in these times everybody knows this truth. You just need a little brave for pixie short hairstyle . Also, long pixie hairstyle is an different option for short hair. A sexiest option maybe! This style so chic and adorable. We create 25 pics about Most Preferred Long Pixie Cuts, for your new look.

Long pixie hairstyles have type of become “the talk of the town” these days and without a doubt have set their foot in this fancy era with determination. Pixie hairstyles are not just confined to short hair but are also fit for long hair as well. But they are a perfect combining with short hairstyles. So you can try keeping long bangs with it, but I will prefer that you keep your hair short if you want them in pixie style. In this article we have show up best long pixie hairstyles which will help you look eye catching and gorgeous than ever. They are appealing, cute, stylish, modish and charming in every means. So if you are demand for something really different and happening that you can do to your hair than you are just a scroll down away. I hope you enjoy the special and startling pixie hairstyles below!

1. Julianne Hough Longer Pixie Style

It’s an easy way to look cool every day without any particular styling.

Julianne Hough Longer Pixie Cut

2. Girl’s Long Pixie Haircut

The cut features the angled sideburns and point cut ends, so it obviously appears edgier and needs some extra definition during styling.
Long Pixies Haircut


3. Cutest Long Pixie Haircut

Yes, a haircut has its impact not only on your face and its features, but your body and image in whole. Short haircuts usually flatter more to slim and delicate women.
Best Long Pixie Haircuts


4. Nice Long Layered Pixie Cut

The trendy side part is very welcome in hairstyles of the current season.
Long Layered Pixie Cuts


5. Trendy Wavy Longer Pixie Cut

Thick curly hair needs a simple haircut silhouette to look its best.
Wavy Longer Pixie Cut


6. Thin Chic Long Pixie Haircut

The pixie cut with a feathery finish, that can be styled in scrunched waves or in rigid locks with defined ends, like in the picture.
Chic Long Pixie Haircuts


7. Best Julianne Hough Short Hair

New variations of trendy pixie hair colors include ash blonde balayage solutions which can be multi-tonal or two tone, like in this example.
Best Julianne Hough Short Hair Pixie Styles

8. Long Pixie Cut Ideas for Women

Pixie with long razored bangs will add a stylish edge to your looks.
Long Pixie Cuts for Women


9. Messy Pixie for Girls 2015

If you choose the right short haircut, your styling time will be reduced to the minimum. The only moment to watch with pixies is the timely trimming to maintain the perfect shape.
Messy Long Pixie for Girls Hairstyles 2015


10. Red Colored Long Pixie

We kick off our list of pixie cuts for thick hair with this daring, ultra-bright red colored look. The punk inspiration behind it is obvious, thanks to the upswept bangs and shorter sides. It’s a great look for oval faces, as it adds just enough volume to highlight the wearer’s features.
Red Colored Long Pixie Cut


11. Kaley Cuoco Pixie

This cut boast expertly cut layers throughout that increase in length towards the bangs.
Kaley Cuoco Pixie Haircut

12. Braided Long Pixie Hairstyle

Even if you have long pixie hair, you should not miss out on fun styles. This look is perfect when you need some texture to break up dense dark strands.
Braided Long Pixie Hairstyles 2015


13. Grow Out Pinned Top Pixie

Even women with pixie cuts can hop on board with this trend! If your hair is too short to grab into a braid, easily double-twist your bangs for a charming accent to dress your short haircut.
Grow Out Pinned Pixie Cut


14. Gorgeous Blonde Long Pixie Hair

Commonly, medium length and long hairstyles are recommended for round faces. You can style them diagonally in sleek silky locks to achieve the maximally flattering slimming effect.
Blonde Long Pixie Hair Ideas


15. Nice Chic Dark Pixie for Women

No pixie cut gallery is complete without a nice chick pixie. This is an example of a must have in the world of short hair.
Chic Dark Pixie Cut for Women


16. Grownin Pixie Hairstyle

A brunette pixie for thick hair can stand out with its texture, while the color may remain natural.
Grownin Pixie Hairstyles 2015


17. Purple and Blonde Long Pixie

Forget fifty shades of grey and instead go for fifty shades of purple! By combining multiple violet hues, you can transform a standard layered pixie cut into something very interesting and chic.
Purple and Blonde Long Pixie Hair


18. Asymmetrical Very Long Pixie

Brown hair is a favorite among rock stars due to its ability to be sexy and sweet at the same time.
Asymmetrical Very Long Pixie Cuts


19. Cutest Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Thick short hair looks very good in retro-inspired sleek ‘dos. Note that it’s best to have a monochromatic hair color for such looks, while highlights work better in textured hairstyles.
Cute Long Blonde Pixie Cut


20. Trendy Longer Pixie Cut for Women

Sleek and elegant, this blonde pixie bob creates a layer of intrigue that surrounds whoever is rocking the style.
Trendy Longer Pixie Cut

21. Emma Watson Long Pixie Hair

The caramel underlayer peeking through the edges makes a dramatic contrast to the main color and pairs beautifully with dark eyebrows and eyelashes.
Emma Watson Long Pixie Hairstyle

22. Modern Look Pixie Hairstyle

With elements such as the asymmetrical bangs that slide down her forehead and the shiny black hue, this hair style is very cohesive with her girlishly gothic ensemble!
Modern Pixie Hairstyles for Women 2015


23. Ombre Colored Long Pixie Street Style

The ombre hair color gives the illusion of more length, while the piecey texture provides a natural volume!
Ombre Colored Long Pixie


24. Spikey Pixie Haircut with Bangs

For the coffee queens out there, why not profess your undying love for the beverage by coloring your hair multiple shades of brown. The base color may be a beautiful deep mocha, while the highlights a nice swirly milk chocolate.
Spikey Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs


25. Best Long Pixie Cut Idea for 2015

The edginess in this look comes from the drastic difference in lengths between the long bang and the length of the cut. The ash brown base color with thin dark blonde highlights creates a shimmering effect throughout your style that is an elegant touch to such a sassy cut.
Best Long Pixie Cuts 2015




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