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23 Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

The world is going through rapid change when it comes to the hairstyles. There was a time when short hairstyles are considered as a boring hairstyle as there were no or very fewer designs or patterns. But, with time this has changed considerably. It is mainly because of the short bob hairstyles as it brought a lot of new patterns, designs, cuts, waves, floats, knots, ponytails, clipping etc. Short wavy bob hairstyles have become one of the most followed short haircuts in the modern world. Most o the sports stars are more keen to select short wavy bob hairstyles over straight or pointy hairstyles with simple combing or clipping. Some of the people thought Bob haircut is more boyish than the feminine. Now, anybody can have any kind of hairstyle with any pattern. There are men who choose to have very long hair with ponytails, braiding or creating a bun. Still, most of the women in the world are more interested in having long hairs and long hairstyles. Short wavy Bob hairstyles can ruin your looks if you do not do it in a right way. Especially, when you are considering waves of hair, the length becomes extremely important else you will not get the right waves. The waves can be of any forms irrespective of the length. However, with too shorter length, you cannot get the right waves with right texture in your hairstyles. This article brings you what you want when it comes to the wavy short Bob haircuts. the curls look better on longer hair and short hair. Waves need slightly longer hairs for a better look as waves can be clearly seen. If the hairs are too long because of the gravity and hair thickness it is difficult to keep the waves for a longer period of time.

1-Short Wavy Bob Hairtyle

Short Wavy Bob Hairtyle, Bob Wavy Blonde Short

2-Michelle Dockery Hair

Michelle Dockery Hair, Short Length Wavy Hair

3-Line Bob

Line Bob, Bob Blonde Messy Hairtyles

4-Above Shoulder Length

Above Shoulder Length, Short Brown Balayage Layered

5-Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob, Balayage Bob Hair Inverted

6- Cute Wavy Bob

Short Hair Bob Bangs

7- Model Portrait Look

Curly Thin Easy Without

8- Fur Bob

Blonde Bob Wavy Short

9- Cotton Candy Bob

Blonde Wavy Short Bob

10- Chic Short wavy Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hair Short Shaggy

11- Typical Wavy Short Bob

Bob Wavy Bobs Short

12- Neck Length Short Wavy Bob

Short Bob Wavy Layered

13- Unconventional Bob Wave

Curly Short Hair Bob

14-blend It With Drak Goldish Wave

Balayage Bob Short Hair

15- Celeb Choose It

Short Hair Hairtyles 2013

16- Absolute Beauty Bob

Hair Short Bob Bobs

17- Hmmm! Good?

Choppy Bob Wavy Short

18- Cut Sharp With Bob Cut

Bangs Bob Hairtyles Hair

19- Reflection of Beauty

Blonde Chunky Balayage Highlights

20- Crisp Bob Wave

Bob Blonde Choppy Short

21- Side Bob Waves

Wavy Short Hair Bobs

22- Unorganized Mixed Waves

Bronde Wavy Bob Bobs

23- Typical Golden Wave

Hair Highlights Balayage Bob


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