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23 Latest Pixie Shaved Hairstyles

Hey ladies! We are here with the coolest hairstyle today, shaved pixie haircuts! With this rebel style attractive short hair, you’ll feel more powerful and stronger! Shaved cut not common, so you can make a huge difference with one of these shaved pixie hairstyles!

Faded cuts really popular these days for men also women, but it needs a little courage. Maybe you feel confuse to get a new shave style haircut, but these 23 different styles will help you for best ways to do it! Also you can try different hair colors on your pixie because it will be easy to return to original hair color. Let’s check these amazing short hairstyles and pick a style for yourself before this new season!

1. Pixie Shaved Hair

Unique shaved and faded look pixie, with ashy blonde hair color, looks so cool isn’t it?

Pixie Shaved Hair, Sides, Shaved, Pixie, Under

2. Pink Singer

Pink is the most iconic celeb for short hair, and she is really brave for new hair trends! She really loves pixie haircuts and this one is shaved and coolest one!

Pink Singer, Pixie, Blonde, Singer, Side

3. Undershave

Shaved side and long top pixie with cool shape!

Undershave , Under, Shaved, Pixie, Half

4. Trendy Hair

This is looks reallt striking, cute blonde pixie with short shaved sides.

Trendy Hair, Pixie, Under, Women, Woman

5. Funky Hair

Layered cut funky hair, long bangs and short shaved sides:

Funky Hair, Pixie, Sunglasses, Shaved, Pixies

6. Straight Hair

Straight Hair, Shaved, Pixie, Straight, Side

7. Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Pixie, Thick, View, Under

8. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Pixie, Under, Womens, Side

9. Blue Hair

Blue Hair, Shaved, Pixie, Sides, Side

10. Asymmetrical Hair

Asymmetrical Hair, Pixie, Shaved, Asymmetrical, Sides

11. Red Long Top Hair

Red Hair, Women, Shaved, Red, Pixies

12. Pixie Shaved Hair

Pixie Shaved Hair, Pixie, Under, Shaved, Pixies

13. Short Hairstyle 2018

Short Hairstyle 208, Pixie, Woman, Under, Pixies

14. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Under, Women, Side, Shaved

15. Half Shaved Style

Half Shaved, Shaved, Pixie, Half, Williams

16. Simple Hair

Simple Hair, Pixie, Women, Very, Simple

17. Long Bangs

Long Bangs, Purple, Shaved, Pixie, Pink

18. Half Shave

Half Shave , Pixie, Half, Under, Shaved

19. Side View

Side View, Shaved, Pixie, Under, Sides

20. Layered Cut

Layered Hair, Pixie, Bob, Shaved, Pixies

21. Boyish Haircut

Summer Hair, Pixie, Women, Trendy, Summer

22. Shaved Hair

Shaved Hair, Sides, Shaved, Red, Pixie

23. Ice Blonde

Blonde Hair, Pixie, Blonde, Shaved, Pixies


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