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2016’s Most Popular Short Medium Haircuts

Wanna see 2016’s Most Popular Short Medium Haircuts? In this post we have gathered the images of popular short hairstyle trends for you. Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, you will find your next stylish hairstyle from our gallery. Check them out now!

1. Short Medium Thin Hair

Here is a nice middle parted bob hairstyle for women with thin hair.

Short Medium Haircuts

2. Blonde Balayage Medium Hair

Blonde hair color looks really nice on medium bob hairstyles with waves.

Medium Short Haircuts

3. Short Dark Bob Hairstyle

This dark blue bob hairstyle with bangs looks stylish and unique.

Short To Medium Haircuts

4. Short To Medium

Here is a nice layered blonde bob hairstyle that is styled into loose waves.

Medium To Short Haircuts

5. Wavy Long Bob

Beachy waves and this rose hair color is one of the  biggest hair trend of this year.

Medium Short Hair Cuts

6. Long Bob

Long bob hairstyles are also another hair trend of this year.

Short Medium Haircuts-6

7. Medium Bob

Her medium straight bob hairstyle and ombre hair color looks really stylish and modern.

Short Medium Haircuts-7

8. Medium Short Haircut 2016

Her blonde hair color and side parted bob hairstyle looks great together.

Short Medium Haircuts-8

9. Anne Hathaway

Her chocolate brown hair color and wavy bob hairstyle make a great statement of her eyes and facial features.

Short Medium Haircuts-9

10. Black Women Hairstyle

Rihanna’s brown bob hairstyle can be a real inspiration for black women.

Short Medium Haircuts-10

11. Medium Length

Here is another ombre bob hairstyle this one is lightly layered.

Short Medium Haircuts-11

12. Gabrielle Union

Here is a gorgeous middle parted bob hairstyle with layering.

Short Medium Haircuts-12

13. Curly Bob

This curly inverted bob hairstyle with blonde ombre is an inspiring hairstyle for black ladies.

Short Medium Haircuts-13

14. Slightly Angled Bob

Here is a cute bob hairstyle with bangs that is slightly angled.

Short Medium Haircuts-14

15. Purple Teal Ombre Hair

Wavy bob hairstyle looks really unique that blue and purple hair colors are used to create this ombre look.

Short Medium Haircuts-15

16. Brown Red Hair Color

Here is a messy red hairstyle with highlights that can be suitable for thick and wavy hair.

Short Medium Haircuts-16

17. Cute Bob

Dirty blonde hair and this cute straight bob hairstyle looks really nice together.

Short Medium Haircuts-17

18. Curly Ends

This is a great bob hairstyle for business women.

Short Medium Haircuts-18

19. Straight Hair

Middle parted straight bob hairstyle with ombre hair color.

Short Medium Haircuts-19

20. Half Up Bun

Laslty this half up bun is one of the biggest hair trend of this year, simple yet stylish.

Short Medium Haircuts-20


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  1. Hi. I discovered your website when I followed a link on Pinterest today, and I think it’s fantastic. I’ve noticed, however, that the women in all of the pictures are thin. I’d love to see an article dedicated to short styles for overweight and obese women. I myself am morbidly obese with very fine hair, straight hair. And while some of the styles look nice on slim women, I doubt they would be flattering to myself or others like myself. Now, I haven’t been through the entire site, so if you already have a post like this, I do apologize, and assure you I will come across it in my travels. However, if you do not, I think it would be a lovely idea, and much appreciated by people like me. Thank you so much for your time.

    Anne Marie Slaunwhite

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