Short Straight Hairstyles

20 Short Straight Hairstyles 2017 – 2018

Straight hair is complete in itself. They require less charms to be added for rocking your look. However, it’s easy to get bored with simple straight hair and when it’s short, inclusion of some style in it becomes compulsory, especially, if you’re having a low vibe with your old and simple (in some cases, shabby) look.

So, whenever you’ll be thinking of trying something new with your short straight hair, chances are, you find yourself overwhelming as to what to pick and what not! But that’s completely normal with so many opportunities ahead. A little bit research on which hairstyle will suit your facial shape, skin tone and the occasion you’re intending to attend. Hair color comes last but still worth considering before opting for any particular haircut, of course.

Hey, wait! All these points may seem petrifying at first, but since a perfectly chosen short straight hairstyle can save you from experiencing a lot of future nuisances, it’s worth spending some moments on selecting the right aspect for your styling.

In this guide, we’ve compiled 20 pics about short straight hairstyles that are on trend since 2017 and still on the game with grace. Choose your preferred one and no doubt, that is gonna bound your admirers shower you with appreciation.

1. Blunt Bob

Short Straight Hair

Vidal Sassoon gave breath to the blunt bob and since then ladies, of all ages at some point of their life, think of trying this style. It’s like game changer. While it matches almost all sorts of face shape and hair texture, women with wide face takes its advantage mostly for hiding that little bit extra centimeter of their contour, and consequently, look pretty. It is also loved by ladies who are very much willing to show off the precise lines and sleek texture of their mane.

2. Back View

Short Straight Hair

Thin Hairstyle is all about back view. It looks outstanding and undoubtedly, gonna keep your date spell bounded at the first sight. While it has an amazing visual appeal, your benefit will be to remain sweat free amidst tough humidity while other shoulder length haircuts drench your neck resulting uncomfortable and messy condition of your hair. Overall, it gives a sweet look, helps you remain updated with fashion while feeling cool as well as hygienic all the time.

3. Cute Bangs

Short Straight Hair

Looking cute with bangs is like a mantra. You could say, it’s almost written in stone that a girl who have well-maintained bangs will look nothing but cute. But all these words go in vain if we are talking about having bangs on straight hair. Because the idea is – bangs go a long way only with curls. But No More! You see that girl on the photo with bangs on her straight hair and still looking cute. Yes, it’s practically proven that you can have bangs on your straight hair. We can’t ignore the touch of badass vibe on the wearer’s personality, though!

4. Rose Gold

Short Straight Hair

5. Balayage Bob

Short Straight Hair

6. Straight Bob

Straight, School, Bob, Back, Sunglasses, Ombre

7. Blonde Ombre

Bob, Ombre, Long, Straight, Color, Blonde

8. Thick Hair

Medium, Length, Thick, Long, Balayage, Woman

9. Angled Bob

Bob, Angled, Long, Straight, Pixie, Extensions

10. Blunt Bob

Bob, Color, Straight, 2013, Women, White

11. Silver Hair

Straight, Grey, Women, Wig, Silver, Over

12. Fine Straight Hair

Straight, Fine, 2014, , ,

13. Blonde Hair

Bob, Blunt, Blonde, Straight, Long, Colours

14. Balayage Bob

Bangs, Classy, Layered, İnverted, Balayage, Bob

15. Wedding Hair

Line, Fun, Classy, Woman, Straight, Selena


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