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20 Short Spiky Haircuts

Short spiky haircuts are getting popular these days. They offer a dramatic look while being not so fancy. Ladies of all ages and profession are trying this type of hairstyles out. The biggest reason behind such craze for pixie hairstyle is – the low maintenance, instant change in overall appearance and versatility.

Varying on the length of the hair you keep, you can accentuate your facial feature as well. For example – these short spiky hairstyles for women are mostly favorite among the ladies who are obsessed with the idea of highlighting their jawline for a more vibrant look. With a long strand swept over their forehead can add a touch of romanticism.

With most of the hairs pointing skyward means you have to say goodbye to other hairstyle like updo or messy bun that you could have opted for with somewhat longer or middle length hair. However, such sacrifice will seem little when compared to the appeal a pixie hairstyle can offer.

Now, take a look at the following short spiky hairstyles that are sure to give to a punk as well as a jazzy look without cutting the decent effect short, of course.

So, let’s dive in-

1- Short Spiky Haircuts

Short Spiky Haircuts, 2017 Rachel Reynolds Taylor

This haircut will be the best complimentary to your party look. From front to middle of the head, all the hair are shortly cut and then raised upward. The side and back of the head have got straight haircut though with less effect. Therefore, a balanced look is created. It won’t take a longer to get the proper form and you can hope to reach the event on time. Even when you’ll be in a  rush, this one can turn into a lifesaver. Because you need not spend much time on it and can go out simply by brushing the hair properly before you apply sufficient amount of hairspray to set them on place.

2- Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Short Spiky Pixie Hair

This blonde pixie haircut is far more alluring than an usual blonde. It can be fun and flirty as the same time. The uneven length of the hair gives a edgy look to the wearer. Couple it up with a casual outfit and an incredible vibe is guaranteed. It is also ideal for featuring your facial contours more vividly. In fine, you won’t get anything other than this so perfectly suitable to have a bold and sporty look on the go.

3- Pixie Style

Pixie Style, Short Hair Spiky Haircuts

Surprisingly feminine, this pixie style can bring your crush to cloud nine when you smile at him. It’s a stunner and at best, capable of turning you into  a sultry vixen. For days when you’re short on styling time, get a mysteriously awesome and badass look by combining this choppy haircut with dark and bold eyeliner along with an helix earring.

4- Miley Cyrus Spiky Hair

Miley Cyrus Spiky Hair, Short Spiky Cyrus Hair

5- Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut, Fur Spiky Short Hair

6- Short Choppy Women’s Hairstyle

Short Hair Spiky Women

7- Funky Hairstyles For Thick and Thin Hair

Short Spiky Women Haircuts

8- Kim Rhodes

Short Hair Haircuts Older

9- Very Short Feminine Hairstyle

Short Pixie Spiky Haircuts

10- Short Spiky Bob Hairstyle

Short Hair Cute Spiky

11- Reddish Brown

Short Hair Haircuts Tips

12- Edgy Short Haircut 2018

Short Undercut Edgy Hairtyles

13- Stunning Grey Spiky

Short Shaggy Spiky Hairtyles

14- Spiky Red Head

Short Hair Haircuts 2018

15- Women’s Funky Short Hairstyle

Short Hair Color Funky

16- Hairstyle For Short Hair Punk Rock

Short Hairtyle Bob Hair

17- Very Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Hair Some

18- Choppy Short Layered Hair

Short Bob Hairtyles Layered

19- Short Pixie Spiky Cut

Short Pixie Hair Spiky

20- Short Spiky Girl Hair

Short Spiky Haircuts Hair


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