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20 Short Appealing Pixie Hairstyles 2015

If you have never had a pixie haircut, then you do not know just how cute and adorable you can be! There is nothing cuter than pixie haircuts and hairstyles. That is why you should look at these 20 Short Pixie Hairstyles 2015 and pick at least one that you think would look fantastic on you. Even if you do not have such a haircut, there is nothing stopping you from calling your stylist and try this type of haircut at least once. As you may know, hair grows back in just a few weeks and you can experiment with your look as many times as you desire until then. If you are worried about the way that you will feel when you notice that you no longer have long hair, you should know that you will probably be shocked for about a second. After that, you are going to feel pretty proud and confident. Proud because you have had the courage to try out this type of short hairstyles and confident because this is just one of the perks associated with a pixie look. Every single one of your friends is going to compliment you. In fact, every one you meet will take a long look and smile at you. It is all because of the pixie haircut that you have opted for. Besides this, you are going to feel like a lot of weight has been taken off your shoulders. That is because you no longer have any hair weighing down on your shoulders! Even though you might think that the pixie look you have now is going to get old pretty quick, you can use these 20 Short Pixie Hairstyles 2015 for inspiration whenever you want. You can get a new exciting look for every day of the week!

1. Cute Pixie Haircut for Girls 2014 – 2015

Pixie Haircut for Cute Girls 2015


2. Dark Brown Pixie Hairstyle Back View

Pixie Hairstyles Back View


3. Platinum Short Pixie Cut for 2015

Platinum Pixie Cuts 2015


4. Chic Short Pixie Cut for 2015

Cute Short Pixie Cuts 2015


5. Spiked Pixie Haircut Shaved Sides for Girls

Pixie Cut Shaved Sides for Girls 2015


6. Short Dark Long Pixie Hairdo for Women

Short Dark Long Pixie Hairstyles for Women 2015


7. Short Pixie Platinium Blonde Hairstyle with Headband

Platinum Short Pixie Blonde Hairstyles with Headband


8. Frankie Sandford’s Short Straight Pixie Hairstyle with Glasses

Frankie Sandford Short Pixie Hairstyle 2015

9. Cool Short Black Hairstyle with Long Side Swept Bangs

Cool Stylish Short Black Hairstyle with Long Side Swept Bangs


10. Stylish Pixie Short Hairstyle for Women

Pixie Stylish Short Hairstyles Designs for Women


11. Pixie Hairstyle for Light Blonde Fine Hair

Pixie Hairstyle for Light Blonde Fine Hair


12. Cute Dark Short Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

Short Dark Thick Cute Pixie Haircut


13. Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Cut Style with Long Bangs

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut Styles for Women 2015

14. Awesome Long Brown Pixie Style for Girls

Long Brown Pixie Style for Girls


15. Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pixie Stlye with Short Hair

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hair Pixie Stlye 2015

16. Voluminous Straight Dark Pixie Haircut

Voluminous Straight Dark Short Pixie


17. Short Dark Spiked Mohawk Haircut

Short Dark Spiked Mohawk


18. Short Pixie Haircut for Platinum Hair

Short Pixie Haircut for Platinum Hairstyles 2015


19. Shaved Pixie Hair Ideas for 2015

Shaved Pixie Hair Ideas for 2015


20. Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle for Short Hair

Asymmetrical Pixie for Short Hairstyles 2015


Are you interested in one of these 20 Short Pixie Hairstyles 2015? The truth is that you are going to absolutely love trying each and every single one of these looks when you get the chance. So stop waiting around and contact your stylist for some advice regarding the best type of pixie haircut that you should get. This way, you will be able to try out any these hairstyles pretty soon. Make your pixie haircut look amazing every day!



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