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20 Latest Long Pixie Cut Ideas for Women

Long pixie cuts are one of the most preferred pixies recently. In this post you will find 20 Latest Long Pixie Cut Ideas for Women that can inspire you to go for the chop!

Pixie cut has always been in trends since 1970’s but women are seeking new ways and cuts to style their hair. Grow out pixie style is once seem unpleasant because it is not short hairstyle or long enough at all. But nowadays hairstyles between short and long hair is really popular for instance long bob or long pixie. Long pixie styles are great for any women with a decent style. You can sport long pixie with bangs if you have curly or wavy hair to look absolutely different and chic. Various layers will help you to give the short hairstyle an effective shape.

Now it is time to take a look at the latest pixie cut ideas for women that too afraid to going short, check our gallery and be inspired by these gorgeous looks immediately!

1. Long Pixie Style

Women with curly hair and light skin tone can sport really nice red colored long pixie with shorter back and highlights.

Long Pixie Cut

2. Long Pixie Hair

If you have thin hair texture here is a nice blonde pixie idea to opt with:

Long Pixie Haircut

3. Long Pixie Hairstyle

Blonde long pixie styles are perfect for middle aged women.

Long Pixie Hairstyles

4. Long Pixie Cut

If you want to add some texture an movement you can add layers and asymmetrical style.

Long Pixie Cuts

5. Longer Pixie Cut

Tapered short hairstyles are great for ladies with thick and wavy hair.

Longer Pixie Cuts


Long Pixie Cuts-6


Long Pixie Cuts-7


Long Pixie Cuts-8


Long Pixie Cuts-9


Long Pixie Cuts-10


Long Pixie Cuts-11


Long Pixie Cuts-12


Long Pixie Cuts-13


Long Pixie Cuts-14


Long Pixie Cuts-15


Long Pixie Cuts-16


Long Pixie Cuts-17


Long Pixie Cuts-18


Long Pixie Cuts-19


Long Pixie Cuts-20



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