This hairstyle has transformed ordinary girls into great and sought after supermodels style beauties. This pixie cut is super short and it is typically worn at slightly longer on top and short at the backside. As you will see, over the years many iconic celebs have adopted this hairstyle as their signature and you will realize that this short hairstyle is the best you can find that makes you outstanding in a crowd. And one thing despite this hairstyle being short it leaves loads of room for experimenting with all type of colors. This pixie cut is hot and if you get one it is a perfect way for you to stand out from the crowd. Do not rush to get a pixie cut since not all pixie cut is created equal so take your time to choose the right color, length and texture and so have a look at our ideas and you will get what will inspire you.

1. Feminine Pixie Haircut

This pixie cut for feminine look has the ease of a short pixie cut. It takes guesswork out of the options when you have a great hairstylist. You don’t have to worry about every morning styling. This look is very great and you will not be disappointed if you try it out.

Pixie Haircuts

2. Curly Pixie Hair Cut

This is the best hairstyle with low maintenance that most women are currently in love with. It allows you to style it in any way you want and be rocking. It is always a trendy style no matter what and it has classic hair which exudes elegance. This curly pixie style has a long seemed style that looks unattainable and looks like you won’t want to wear but we are here to change that perception and let you know we can actually make you rocking with this stylish curly pixie as you can see below…

Pixie Hair Cuts

3. Balayage Pixie Hairstyle

Balayage? Probably you are wondering what type of hairstyle is this, but cool down we got you. This is a word that has been buzzing the fashion hair industry for some time now. This is a type that highlights free handed for a perfectly sunkissed finish hairstyle. This cute hairstyle is going to seal the deal on your liking of new and trendy hairstyle. Check it out.

Pixie Hairstyles

4. Long Asymmetrical Pixie Hair Style

Pixie Hair Styles

5. Ash Blonde Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair Women

6. 2018 New Pixie Cut

Pixie Hair Cuts-6

7. Sassy and Beautiful

Pixie Hair Cuts-7

8. Shaved Undercut

Pixie Hair Cuts-8

9. Pixie Cut Big forehead

Pixie Hair Cuts-9

10. Curly Pixie Short Hair

Pixie Hair Cuts-10

11. Short Hairstyle for Women

Pixie Hair Cuts-11

12. Blonde Pixie

Pixie Hair Cuts-12

13. Side of Short Hair

Pixie Hair Cuts-13

14. Brunette Short Hair

Pixie Hair Cuts-14

15. Nice Curly Pixie

Pixie Hair Cuts-15

16. Slickback Undercut Pompadour for Women

Pixie Hair Cuts-16

17. Ruby Rose Pixie Bob

Pixie Hair Cuts-17

18. Messy Style

Pixie Hair Cuts-18

19. Bowlcut Pixie

Pixie Hair Cuts-19

20. Layered Short Hair

Pixie Hair Cuts-20



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