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20 Brunette Pixie Cut Ideas for Stylish Ladies

Looking for a new brown and brunette hair color shades? Or you may already have brown hair and looking for a stylish short haircut? Here we have gathered 20 pixie cuts for brunettes that can also be inspiring for you!

1. Thick Pixie Hair

Dark brunette hair color looks great on pixie cut as you can see in our first pic:

Brunette Pixie Cut

2. Straight Brunette Hair

Layered dark pixie cuts with straight hair will definitely frame your face nicely.

Pixie Cut Brunette

3. Punk Style Pixie

If you want to create a unique style for a special event you can go with this punk style pixie.

Brunette Pixie Haircut

4. Brunette Pixie

Dark pixie cut with side bangs will definitely frame your face especially if you have light eye color.

Short Brunette Pixie Cut

5. Simple Brunette Pixie

Look at this hair transformation! She looks much more fresh and stylish with her pixie cut.

Brunette Pixie Cuts

6. Edgy Pixie

Here is a cool and edgy pixie cut for ladies with a cute yet boyish style.

Brunette Pixie Cut-6

7. Easy Pixie

You can easily style this pixie haircut with choppy layers in the morning.

Brunette Pixie Cut-7

8. Nora Zehetner

If you have thick and wavy hair, this may be a nice inspiration for you to sport.

Brunette Pixie Cut-8

9. Pixie Cut Thick Hair

As you can see pixie cuts with dark hair color and face framing cut show off the color of the eyes.

Brunette Pixie Cut-9

10. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

This asymmetrical pixie cut with undercut style and long bangs is a cool choice for girls.

Brunette Pixie Cut-10

11. Grow Out Short Hair

If you want to grow out a pixie cut this would be a nice choice to start with.

Brunette Pixie Cut-11

12. Round Faces

Here is a gorgeous pixie cut with volume on top, this pixie is great for women with round faces.

Brunette Pixie Cut-12

13. Eliza Presley

Choppy layers and wispy bangs definitely add a really nice touch up to women’s look.

Brunette Pixie Cut-13

14. Long Pixie

Here is a nice long pixie haircut with bangs, this is a great cut for women with straight and thick hair.

Brunette Pixie Cut-14

15. Sheridan Smith

Pixie cut with short bangs is another choice for women who want to create a modern look with a short haircut.

Brunette Pixie Cut-15

16. Morena Baccarin

Brunette Pixie Cut-16

17. Pixie Cut Straight Hair

Brunette Pixie Cut-17

18. Nice Pixie

Simple yet cute pixie style of Ginnifer Goodwin creates an inspiring look for brunette girls with thin hair.

Brunette Pixie Cut-18

19. Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, this pixie cut would be a nice example for you.

Brunette Pixie Cut-19

20. Cute Pixie

Lastly we will show you the cutesy short hairstyle ideas for brunette women with green eyes.

Brunette Pixie Cut-20


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