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20 Best Pixie Haircuts for Stylish Women

Getting a pixie cut can be a very challenging task for you but once you go pixie you will always forget about getting back to your longer locks. First of all, pixie haircuts are very easy to deal with. Just a few touches and your hair will get its wonderful shape. You don’t have to wake up very early in the morning in order to wash, then dry and style your long hair. Pixie hair is very easy to wash and style. From Hollywood icons to ordinary people, everybody choose pixie as it makes women stand out everywhere. We have decided to help women who want to go pixie cuts, so that is why we have handpicked Pixie Haircuts for Women which are very inspiring. Pixie hair is very practical and our options will suit to any woman’s taste, needs and face shape. Pixie will work for any type of hair, so no matter your hair is thin or thick, curly or straight, you can go pixie without any hassle. We have collected very nice ideas on versatile haircuts for you to become more stylish. You can try grey trend and get a super short cut look. We advise you to try icy grey-blue hue that will brighten your look making it very chic. With your pixie you can also try a hawk style. The textured layers styled in spikes on top and slicked on the sides will create an amazing shape. You can also use gel or wax and your bold style will be ready. Undercut pixie haircut is also very trendy. Being almost shaved on the sides and chopped on top, it’s really a cool style for you. Another great option is short tousled hairstyle which is very cute and easy to achieve at the same time. Moreover, if your hair is wavy or curly, then you can achieve this hairstyle even more easily. A bit longer on top and shorter on the sides, short tousled style will be very effortless for you to get. Those women who are looking for something mature, then they should not look any further and just make their hair short pixie while adding layers on the bottom which will give volume. This is a daily styling that needs minimum efforts. If you are not afraid of bold looks, then who has said that you are too old to wear pink? This amazing accent looks really wonderful in mature hair giving women a little fun. Short angled bob with loose curls is also a great option if you want to have a comfortable yet charming look. Look through these short hairstyle ideas below and get your source of inspiration.

1. Blonde Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircuts

2. Really Short Hair From The Back

Pixie Haircuts for Women

3. Dark Brown Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie Hairstyles

4. Cute Pixie Haircut 2018

Pixie Haircuts 2018

5. Asymmetrical Mohawk Pixie Cut

Pixie Hair Styles

6. Pixie Cut 2017 2018

Pixie Haircuts-6

7. White Colour

Pixie Haircuts-7

8. Pixie Cut with Quiff

Pixie Haircuts-8

9. Thin Hair Undercut Female

Pixie Haircuts-9

10. Super Short Hair for Girls

Pixie Haircuts-10

11. Short Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Pixie Haircuts-11

12. Pixie Bob

Pixie Haircuts-12

13. Layered Short Pixie Cut

Pixie Haircuts-13

14. Super Short Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircuts-14

15. Short Blonde Hairstyle

Pixie Haircuts-15

16. Women’s Undercut Fine Hair

Pixie Haircuts-16

17. Pixie Cut

Pixie Haircuts-17

18. Too Short Hair

Pixie Haircuts-18

19. Dark Brown Pixie

Pixie Haircuts-19

20. Over 50 Haircut

Pixie Haircuts-20

We hope that you will really love these ideas and try them in the near future. Be sure, you will become more than attractive with pixie haircut no matter your skin type, age and face shape!


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