Short hairstyles are amazing when it comes to complementing your statement making styles. You can style your hair with so many ways and the amazing fact is you have no hassle to maintain the long hair! Short hair with long bangs is just the new talk of the town.

If it’s summer, and more importantly, if you are a low maintenance person then these super trendy hairstyles are meant for you! Here are amazingly stylish short hair with long bangs ideas for you. Just give a try and take your look to a whole new level. All of them are equally comfortable, stylish and will make you look amazing. Choose the one you like most and keep pace with the trend confidently.

1- Dark Hair Color

Dark Hair Color, Pixie Long Bangs Dark

Here come the classic looks. You want short hair but not so sure about dying your hair in different color and all?  Then just go for the simple yet classy one. Just have short hair with one-sided long bangs. Keep it classic black. It will give you the perfect look. The secret of being trendy and look amazing in this hairstyle never goes backdated. Just chill and let your natural hair color rule. This won’t take a lot of time for setting up your hair and all. Just a simple hair cut with the tincture of classic vibe.

2- Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical Cut, Short Hair Long Bangs

Asymmetrical hairstyles are now so in. Are you fashion conscious enough? Then just go for it. This hairstyle is neither completely symmetrical nor even. It’s just a perfectly unbalanced cut rather than straight bangs. More specifically, you can say that this trendy cut is a just like a bob. But the bob is one side longer than the other with a twist. The twist makes you look more like a fashionista. Finally, this asymmetrical look makes you look more stylish. If you are a lover of short hair then go for it.

3- Balayage Hair Color

Balayage Hair Color, Short Bob Haircuts Hairtyle

This one is just awesome. If you are cool enough with handling colored hair then thin balayage hair color is just meant for you. It gives your short hair a very soft texture. If you are looking for soft as well as natural looks with a bit spice then go for it. There is a mesmerizing fact about this style is that this amazing style follows an awesome technique. There is no use of traditional foiling as well as cap highlighting while doing this. All of the procedures are done through the use of hand without the help of any other helping tools or such. This is the reason why it looks so amazing in your short hair. Just do it.

4- Short Hair with Long Bangs

Short Hair with Long Bangs, Pixie Short Simple Undercut

5- Cute Hair

Cute Hair, Short Pixie Hair Cute

6- Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Pixie Long Side Thick

7- Long Pixie Cut with Short Back

Short Long Pixie Hairtyles

8- Pixie Long Side Bangs

Pixie Long Bangs Ash

9- Funky Short Hairstyle

Short Long Hairtyles One

10- Gorgeous Long Pixie

Short Pixie Haircuts Hair

11- Blonde Pixie Cut With Long Bangs Short Sides

Pixie Bangs Short Long

12- Short Pixie with Long Fringe

Short Long Bangs Fringe

13- Crew Cut Hairstyle Women

Short Choppy Long Bangs

14- Short Purple Grey Hair

Pixie Short Gray Cut

15- Wavy Pixie Textured StylPixie Length Chin Curly

16- Super Chic Short Haircut with Fringe

Short Shaggy Blonde Fringe

17- Edgy Long Pixie Cut

Pixie Short Hair Long

18- Superb Short Stacked Hair

Pixie Short Hair Long



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