These hairstyles are named after celebrity star Lauren Conrad because when she first appeared wearing it, she was absolutely gorgeous like never before. At first people used to know her wearing pretty well styled long hairstyles and all of a sudden she appeared with this pretty short hairstyle. Since then her haircut has been trending and most women all over the world have been hitting online platforms looking on how to style. We have come to ensure that if you are her fan and want to rock her short hairstyles, you will get all the ideas here and you won’t be running all over the web searching no more. Lauren Conrad said, “I just cut it off. Honestly, it’s more of a time saver,” and true to her word, this hairstyle is a great time saver. You won’t spend a lot of time in the mirror trying to style it. What is only done with this hairstyle is to blow dry for a short time meaning that less hair just corresponds to less time. If you are one of the women like Lauren Conrad who don’t have time for a lot of hair then, these hairstyles are perfect for you. We thought that these short hairstyles like lobs and bobs were about to get out of the hair fashion industry soon, but she came and redefined the whole picture. These hairstyles aren’t getting boring anytime soon because Lauren Conrad is always forever hair crush for most ladies out there. The way she documented on her Instagram on how she got short, really captivates and most ladies can’t stop but just admire them. We have all the ideas that you can rock on short hair below. We compiled a collection of Lauren Conrad short hair that you can have the opportunity to choose from and we hope that you fall in love with one of them at least.

1-Lauren Conrad Short Hair

Lauren Conrad Short Hair, Bob Sienna Women Short

2-Messy Hair

Messy Hair, Bob Messy Hair Choppy

3-Cute Hair

Cute Hair, Lauren Conrad Wedding Top

4-Lauren Conrad Bob Haircut

Lauren Conrad Bob Haircut, Bob Volume Side Hairtyles

5-Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair, Bob Short Hair Round

6- Lauren Conrad Messy Hair

Up Short Maxi Floweral

7- Cute Haircut

Long Bob Years Sunnies

8- Casual Look

Hair Bob Short Style

9- Medium Hairstyle

Casual Top Tee Sweater

10- Short Wavy Hair

Sweater Style Spring Short

11- Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Layers Lauren Hairtyles Hair

12- Cute Hair

Ombre Hair Bob Blonde

13- Casual Wavy Hair

Hair Short Bob Up

14- Beautiful Haircut

Bob Wavy Short Hairtyle

15- Medium Blonde Haircut

Robbie Margot Celebrity Blonde

16- Short Messy Haircut

Bob Blonde Balayage Wedding

17- Short look for Summer

Hair Bob Short Little

18- Sexy Sassy Hairstyle

Women Top People Free

You will agree with us that the short hairstyles above are really breathtaking and worth trying for a new look. It’s really wonderful what a chop of hair can create in shaping your new look. When you wear a short hairstyle, your new, chin-length look is really a cutting-edge chic style that turns heads whenever you pass around. The suggestions above are what you need to take your personality and individuality to the next level and make a statement. If you have long hair and want to go short, then this is the moment to embrace.



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