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16 Cute Buns for Short Hair

Buns are fun, comfortable and cute! In this post you will see the pics of cute bun ideas for short hair that you will love! Bun hairstyles are so versatile and trending that can be sported by any woman. There are cute and stylish ways to create a bun even when you have short hair. It is obviously not possible to have a bun with a pixie cut but bob hairstyles would be great to create a bun hairstyles.

Half bun styles are really popular and nice option to get your hair out of your face in stylish way for women with short hair. Especially messy bob hairstyle with a half bun would look great on young women. Double bun hairstyle is also cute look for girls. If you are into more classy looks, low buns would be a really chic idea for you. Low bun hairstyles will be in trends in 2017 as you can see in our gallery too. Here are the cutest bun style ideas for short hair, check our gallery below and try one of them as your next hairstyle to achieve a stylish look!

1. Cute Bun for Short Hair

Wanna see the simple and easy way to sport an updo with a bob? This cute half bun is a perfect for a modern looks.

Cute Buns for Short Hair

2. Double Half Bun Hairstyle

Double bun is getting more and more popular among young women, it is cute and chic.

Cute Bun Hairstyles for Short Hair

3. Cute Messy Bun for Short Hair

Messy low bun is the perfect choice for girls with short hair, it is easy to pull and sport for different occasions.

Cute Messy Buns for Short Hair

4. Cute Hair Bun for Short Hair

High half bun is stylish and easy style for everyday casual looks and it is already a part of a street style.

Cute Hair Buns for Short Hair

5. Cutest Bun for Short Hair

Low and messy buns can be sported by women with really short hairstyles, you can complete this look with a headband.

Cute Bun for Short Hair

6. Half Bun Style

This shoulder length bob hairstyle is styled into high half bun style, she complete her look with red lips.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-6

7. Messy Half Bun Idea

Here is a messy bob hairstyle with a cute high bun, her ombre creates a nice and modern look that remind us summer days.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-7

8. Double Bun

This colored bob hair looks really cute with double bun and gorgeous vibrant hair colors.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-8

9. Messy

Here is a really nice messy updo style can be a great idea for wedding or other special events.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-9

10. Double Bun

Girls love double bun, if your hair is not long enough you can opt with half bun style.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-10

11. Updo Style

Cute Buns for Short Hair-11

12. Undercut

Cute Buns for Short Hair-12

13. Ombre Bob

Cute Buns for Short Hair-13

14. Long Bangs

Cute Buns for Short Hair-14

15. Braided Half Bun

You can add braids to your short hairstyle to create modern and chic style for every occasions.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-15

16. Ombre Bob

All in all bun styles are perfect for you if you want to create stylish look while getting your hair out of your face.

Cute Buns for Short Hair-16


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