Cute Short HaircutsUpdos for Short Hair

15+ Cute Updos for Short Hair

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t create a sleek and elegant updo! All hair lengths and textures can be styled into a fashionable updo, all you need is some inspiration! Regardless of whether you’re heading to prom, your wedding or simply the beach, these dazzling updos for short hair are ideal for all occasions!

Here are 15+ cute updos for short hair we’ve collected for you to take inspiration for yourself!

1. Cute Updo for Short Hair

Updos aren’t for individuals with medium to long hair as it were. Pixie cuts and bobbed hair can create the most beautiful updos quickly! Curve small locks of hair into the back of your head, binding them.

Cute Updos for Short Hair

2. Easy Braided Updo for Short Hair

On the off chance that your hair is somewhere close to short and medium, have no fear, an updo is similarly as easy for you to create. Braid a large, free plait in favor of your head and work your way across to the back of your head. From that point, fix the remaining hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck. This style is casual and elegant all without a moment’s delay.

Easy Updos for Short Hair

3. Hair Updo for Short Hair

Having early lunch with the girls just got cuter with this hairstyle. Stir up the classic ponytail with a French braid in favor of your head. The braid, when nipped in at the nape of the neck, will add extra volume to the lower half of the ponytail, giving a chic appearance without an excessive amount of exertion.

Hair Updos for Short Hair

4. Simple Two Bun Updo for Short Hair

Simple Updos for Short Hair

5. Updo for Short Fine Hair

Updos for Short Fine Hair

6. Simple Hair-Up

Easy Updos for Short Hair-6

7. Half Ponytail

Easy Updos for Short Hair-7

8. Two Pig Bun

Easy Updos for Short Hair-8

9. Braided Bangs

Easy Updos for Short Hair-9

10. Half Messy Bun

Easy Updos for Short Hair-10


Easy Updos for Short Hair-11


Easy Updos for Short Hair-12


Easy Updos for Short Hair-13


Easy Updos for Short Hair-14


Easy Updos for Short Hair-15


Easy Updos for Short Hair-16


Easy Updos for Short Hair-17


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