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12 Red Ombre Short Hair

Red itself is a symbol of bravery and boldness and if you apply red to your short hair in a stylish way, in the form of ombre, you will definitely look stylish and trendy. Short hair is the latest trend in the hairstyle industry. It saves your time and effort to maintain your hair. At the same time, you would get a stunning and professional look at your hair. Now mix these two extreme trendy styles and you would get a fabulous hairstyle, we call it red ombre short hairstyle!!

Ombre signifies the shades of the colors. The basic principle of ombre is that the first half of your hair gets a darker color and the rest of the hair gets the lighter and faded shades of the color. Red ombre could be a combination of the color of cherry, blood, scarlet, and ruby. This process can be applied easily in the long hair but it is really difficult to apply ombre in your short hair. The right amount of darker and faded red color will glorify your look. But you have to take care of your red ombre hair because dying your color requires extra care. You need to nourish and moisturize your hair regularly.

Now, you are thinking of going to the hairdresser for getting red ombre short hair. Going to the parlor is a good idea, but you can get this style at home as well. If your hair is darker, then it requires bleaching first. Bleaching assists to shine the color of the hair. But if you want a professional hairstyle, go to your hairdresser and follow their instructions for marinating your red ombre hair. Here are a few examples that could be your guide to create your own style.

1- Red Ombre Short Hair

Red Ombre Short Hair, Red Dye Short Hairtyles

This is a gorgeous and stunning dark red ombre short hairstyle. This style is made with raspberry and black color. Keep the first part of your hair black and then use the faded red color to the rest of the hair.

2- Choppy Hair Side View

Choppy Hair, Balayage Burgundy Hair Short

This is a beautiful cherry red ombre for your choppy short hairstyle. The ombre has been done through highlighting the red color with black hair

3- Pretty Hair

Pretty Hair, Short Ombre Hair Day

Here you find a gorgeous burgundy red and blonde bob hairstyle. This contrast combination increases your stylish look.

4- Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy Hairtyle, Hair Ombre Gold Color

This wavy short bob with caramel will escalate your trendy look. It is a wonderful combination of red, brown and blonde.

5- Layered Wavy Hairstyle

Layered Wavy Hairtyle, Short Hair 50 Old

This layered wavy hairstyle is gorgeous due to its red-brown ombre. The side parting wavy layered bob with long bangs makes this style most desirable.

6- Red to Blonde Ombre

Hair Ombre Gold Red

To look unparalleled on your next date, this fashionable hairstyle can be the quickest and most impressive solution. It adds a gentle touch of sophistication to the wearer’s personality. So, have it on your short hair and shine, milady!

7- Ginger and Blonde Hair

Short Prom Thin Fine

8- Gorgeous Dark Black Hair with Highlights

Vanessa Hudgens Surgery Lob

9- Hot Long Redhead

Red Hair Brown Ombre

10- Short Black to Fiery Red Waves

Red Ombre Hair Short

11- Cute Red Highlights on Thick Black Bob

Bob Ombre Short Hair

12- Black Friday Bob Peruvian Loose Wave

Bob Hair Red Black


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