Most Beautiful Actresses with Pixie Cuts



Have you ever noticed what a complete difference a haircut can make? This is especially true when you go from one extreme length to another. Seeing someone with short haircut after being so used to seeing them with long hair can really throw you for a loop! If you think the pixie cut is just for Summer, think again. Not only does this fun style look equally amazing in all seasons, but the pixie is also having a major short hair trend moment in Hollywood. Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up Most Beautiful Actresses with Pixie Cuts (including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Rihanna, etc..) who have all tried the crop in various lengths, styles, and colors for your ultimate pixie inspiration gallery.

1. Emily Browning with Cute Pixie Cut

Best Actresses with Pixie Cuts

2. Emma Watson with Thin Pixie Haircut

Nice Actress Pixie Haircut

3. Jennifer Lawrence with Long Pixie Haircut

Actresses with Long Pixie Haircuts

4. Chic Actress with Pixie Cut

Cute Actress with Pixie Cuts

5. Actress with Lovely Pixie with Headband

Actress with Lovely Pixie

6. Actress with Dark Pixie Cut

Best Actress with Dark Pixie

7. Ginnifer Goodwin Dark Pixie Cut

Ginnifer Goodwin Best Pixie Cut

8. Michelle Williams Straight Pixie Hair

Michelle Williams Pixie Hair

9. Halle Berry Spiked Pixie Cut

Halle Berry Pixie Hair

10. Carey Mulligan Blonde Pixie Cut

Carey Mulligan Long Pixie

11. Short Layered Pixie Cut for Actresses

Layered Pixie Cuts for Actress

12. Dannii Minogue Black Pixie Hair

Dannii Minogue Pixie Hair

13. Robin Wright Blonde Pixie Hair

Robin Wright Pixie Hair

14. Short Pixie Hair for Actresses

Short Pixie Hair Actresses

15. Rihanna’s Cute Pixie Hair

Rihanna Pixie Haircuts